“Mellow Yellow” Nursery Inspiration

Did I mention that I’m a contributor to Chic & Cheap Nursery?!  Well I am!  If you want to be inspired for beautiful children’s spaces that is definitely the website you need to be at.

I originally shared this nursery inspiration with the Chic & Cheap Nursery readers, and I think its time I shared with you as well.


Deciding on the perfect nursery pieces for a soon-to-be little guy or girl can be a challenge, especially if you do not have a color scheme in mind.

The best way to start is with a piece of inspiration.  This can be a photo, a piece of furniture, or even a quilt.  Decide which colors attract you and how you can incorporate them into a complete design.

image source here

Yellow based color schemes are lovely and bright.  The color opens up rooms, and creates an inviting atmosphere.  Tie it all in with crisp white furniture and some bold colors such as pinks and blues, and you have the perfect retreat for you and your baby.

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