Children’s Photography

{Photography by Karolina Turek Photography}

There is something so special about photographing babies and children….they seem to just sparkle somehow!  I think this is especially noteworthy in the photography of Karolina, of  Karolina Turek Photography.  She captured the life in these children beautifully!  So lovely and divine, don’t you agree?  Kids grow up so fast {a fact I am reminded of daily when I look at baby J} we should make sure to document and capture them as they are, in all their precious innocence.

{Photography by Karolina Turek Photography}

Angelic Maternity Photoshoot

Today’s captivating maternity photo shoot comes to us courtesy of Vancouver’s talented and inspiring Karolina Turek, of Karolina Turek Photography.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the momma floating so angelically through the air.  She is so beautiful and intriguing, and the photograph makes me feel as though there is more of a story to uncover than meets the eye.  And how gorgeous is the momma’s family and precious little girl!?  The cute little rubber boots, and gigantic umbrella, make this little cutie seem like a story-book munchkin!  EEk I just love this shoot, its amazing!!

{Photography by Karolina Turek Photography}

Baby Couture

My bestie Jasmine first introduced me to Ellen Ho of Hong Photography, Vancouver, a few months ago when she shared with me her beautiful Life-stylephotos.  You can imagine how thrilled I was when Ellen agreed to submit some of her incredible Baby Couture photo sessions with me, so I can in turn share them with all of you!  I love nothing more than pink and white and everything-girly, and Ellen’s Haute Baby photo session with beautiful baby Chloe and her lovely mamma is exquisite!  These photos are so incredibly romantic and lovely, I can’t help but feel as though I’m glimpsing back in time at a Parisian fairy-tale.

{Photography by Ellen Ho of Hong Photography}

Ellen writes:  “What’s special about our Baby Couture Session is that it’s taken in our French Couture Loft. The fresh, chic, and luxurious style makes our session unique and stylish. I love taking baby photos because I love interacting with babies. They are so pure and innocent. I love the connection between the mom/dad and baby. The genuine and unconditional love makes my heart warm!”

Designer Nursery

When photographer Melissa Gidney sent me today’s nursery feature, I was so inlove and incredibly excited to share it with you all!  Vancouver interior designer Jennifer Scott, A Good Chick to Know, created a perfect retreat for one very lucky little baby.  She used simple pieces and bold colors to turn a small space into a master piece.  I love so many elements from this room, but my favorite is by far the flash card mobile!  Its so creative and adds the perfect finishing touch to this lovely room.

Photography by Melissa Gidney Photography, Designs by Jennifer Scott "A Good Chick to Know"

Family Photos with Beautiful Baby Kai

I am so excited to share these newborn baby photos by the talented Melissa GidneyBaby Kai is one of the sweetest most alert babies I have ever seen.  I love how his mama holds him tight and how happy the family looks together.   His little smile just melts my heart and who doesn’t love perfect little baby feet!  I especially love that Kai isn’t wearing much more than a diaper, sometimes I think baby photos are much more lovely and precious when they are not over-powered by elaborate outfits.  Babies are perfect just how they are so we should embrace that.

Photography by Melissa Gidney Photography

Maternity Inspiration: “Sweet Expectations”

I am so very excited about today’s beautiful post!  Vancouver based photographer, Melissa Gidney took these gorgeous maternity photos and did an amazing job.  Melissa was able to not only capture the sweet and tranquil essence of pregnancy, but also the beauty and grace of the soon-to-be-parents.  I love the natural feel of the shoot, not at all contrived and overly-posed.  The whole series of photos have a very elegant feel to them, allowing the natural beauty and poise of the pregnancy to radiate through without being weighted down by props and staged environments.  Pregnant moms have a natural glow and loveliness about them during this very special time, why not create a simple photo shoot that captures the true beauty of it all?! 

I think I need to mention just one more time how much I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this entire shoot!

Photography by Melissa Gidney Photo,,