Take Me to the Farm Mom

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I couldn’t help myself, I wanted a pumpkin patch photo of Johannes and Magnus, but what I got was so much more than that!  Friday morning Johannes and I had dentist appointments, so when he asked me for the 200th time to take him back to “the farm” I figured, why not.  So my friend Nicole and I planned it out and took our boys to Springridge Farm in Milton.  Close to the dentist, and close to my mom and dad’s for nap time.  The boys ran and played.  There was a lot of giggling, screaming and sweaty hair.  I got exactly 20 photos of the kids in the pumpkin patch and each photograph includes one or both of them either tossing pumpkins down the hill, or rolling on top of the pumpkins.  They’re so silly.  And well, Magnus just slept in the fresh air while my grandmother pushed him around.  So in the end there was no pumpkin patch photo, no staged shot for the family album…but I hope that maybe the boys got a morning full of awesome memories, and some fun pictures to remember it by.

Oh and to clarify, Johannes is covering his ears because he is TERRIFIED of the chickens, not the sound.  He covers his ears when something is terrifying.  Go figure!

The Giant Spider

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The giant spider is out again.  Michael wanted to do it bigger and better this year, meaning more webs, rats, mini spiders and even a fog machine.  Johannes and Michael did all the decorating, and Magnus and I just showed up for the finale.  It was quite the exciting event.  I think above all else I love how excited Johannes gets about holidays now.  Thanksgiving dinner parties, Halloween decorations, and lets not forget Christmas just around the corner!

Doing It Differently

doing-things-differently-with-second-baby squishy-newborn-face raising-a-toddler-and-newborn newborn-photography-toronto IMG_4172

When Johannes was born I read all the parenting books, watched all the parenting videos, researched baby products and read all the consumer reports there were.  I was inexperienced and naive.  I assumed that babies could be raise by clear cut rules.  That we could fix sleep problems by reading someone’s theory or step by step guide.  And through trial and error and day by day we figured it all out anyways.  We figured out what worked for us and what didn’t and most definitely made mistakes along the way.  I say “we” because I certainly did not raise Johannes on my own, but 99% of the “research” was all me.  There were tough times and easy times but we worked it out and somewhere along the way the hard times were forgotten, and all that remains is the positive memories.

Since Magnus was born things have been much simpler.  Easier somehow.  I feel confidence in my role as a mother.  I don’t have Amazon book orders on standby in my checkout basket.  I let him sleep on me all day every day, or beside me if he so wishes….except at night when he likes to sleep in his own bed.  I don’t have the breathing monitor on at all, I don’t stress if he fusses and grunts, or sneezes or hasn’t pooped in 5 hours.  I just live and enjoy.  I think that along with confidence in myself as a mother, raising Johannes taught me how quickly the time goes.  That bad times WILL fade and they will be replaced with happy memories.  So I don’t sweat the small stuff.  And you know what?  I don’t think I am screwing it up.  In his short little 6 weeks of life, Magnus is such a happy guy.  He’s sweet and calm and I couldn’t have asked for a better fit with our family.  His new smile is infectious and I cannot wait to snuggle him in the mornings, while Johannes and Minggis the cat sit with us on the nursery bench.  I think I’m happier too.

And p.s.  don’t you just love kissing newborn squishy faces and that wrinkly bit of head scalp?!  ahhhhh its my favorite thing ever along with the baby smell, but I can’t smell Magnus.  As Johannes likes to tell me all the time, “mom you smell like Magnus”.  I guess I can’t smell myself.

Hello Blog…its me, Ana

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Does anyone read blogs anymore?  Or has everything moved over to Instagram now?  I ask this after an interesting conversation I had last week.  More and more I see people commenting on my Instagram posts referencing my blog posts.  So I guess some of you do read it, but is it just easier to comment on Instagram?  Is it because I can respond quicker?  Does it seem more accessible?  I am truly curious and intrigued.  I often wonder about the future of blogs, will people still be reading them 5 years from now?  I wonder too about the future of Instagram.  The microblogging platform is slowly becoming a mega marketing avenue for brands and shops all over the world.  What will happen when “they”, the power house at Facebook, decide to really capitalize on use.  Will people have to start paying for posts to be published, to reach our audience?  Will users start to back away from Instagram, like they do with Facebook?

I have a theory…I believe Instagram has replaced blogs on some level today.  But I believe that as more and more advertisements appear on Instagram and as the company tries to monetize on their ever growing popularity, people will start to back away from the social media platform and go back to the blog of the old.  I know that I for one am more and more turned off by Facebook, to the extent that I barely ever use it anymore.  The things that turn me off of Facebook are precisely the things that Instagram/Facebook would like to implement on Instagram as well.  For now my blog is still my own, controlled by me and accessible to all with no rules or restrictions getting in the way.  So here I am blog followers…are you still out there?


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Michael and I both have siblings, but they’re siblings of the opposite gender.  Michael has a sister, and I have a brother.  We don’t know what its like to have siblings that are the same as us and we’re not exactly sure what to expect.

I had worries before we brought Magnus home with us, that maybe Johannes wouldn’t want to have him around, or that maybe he would be jealous, but so far my fears have not materialized.  Brothers, it would seem, is a great fit for all of us.  Johannes loves his little brother, and wants to do everything for him and with him.  I hope that Magnus as he grows, will love Johannes back.

Maybe they will be best friends.  Best men at each other’s weddings.  Maybe they will want to share a room some day, or rent an apartment together in their twenties.  Maybe they will start a business together, or decide to live on the same street.  I’m pretty excited to grow old and learn more about their relationship.  I think these boys are going to teach us a whole lot about relationships and brotherly bonds.


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Canadian Thanksgiving came and went last weekend, and it was baby boy’s first holiday with our crazy bunch.  I had planned a whole bunch of activities for both the kids and ourselves.  Friday we were going to head out of town to a little farm, Johannes wanted to ride the tractor and pick apples, and I “selfishly” wanted a photo with the boys and the pumpkin patch.

Saturday we were going to can our leftover garden tomatoes, Johannes was very excited to help.  And Sunday we were going for our big family meal at my mom and dad’s.

But when we arrived at the farm on Friday morning, showered, fed and ready to enjoy the gorgeous fall day, I noticed Johannes wasn’t himself.  After thirty or so minutes of trying to play and walk I finally convinced him to head to grandma’s nearby and have a nap, hoping he was just tired and we could resume our fun later on in the day.  Unfortunately by the time we got to my mom’s he had a full blown fever, and was complaining of nausea.  Yep, the stomach flu has made its annual appearance.

And so the rest of our holiday plans were altered but still fun.  Johannes didn’t want to come back home in the car, feeling as awful as he did, so he spent a couple of days with his grandparents and we got to pick him up on Sunday when we gathered for the family dinner.  We even managed a little walk, and Johannes rode his car.  He was definitely well enough to go “super fast” as he calls it.

Why is it that we only make pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving?!  I think we need to make it more often because its by far my favourite kind of pie.