A Scare

This have been quiet, our hearts have been heavy.  Two weeks ago Magnus ate something he shouldn’t have with our caregiver at the time.  His immature digestive system couldn’t cope and he developed a serious case of food poisoning.  I got the call while at work from my dad, who happened to be at our house for the afternoon.  I rushed home to find a super sick little soul.  It was a hard 12 hours, but what came next was even worse.  The food poisoning dissipated but the dehydration caused Magnus’ body to become very very constipated.  I wouldn’t have thought much about it but in the days that followed I had never seen anyone, ever, in as much pain as I saw our son. It took almost a whole week, days of sleeplessness, medications, and more, to get him through it, but he did and we are so thankful for it all.

Sickness happens, but it affects us as parents in a much different way that it affects our kids.  You watch them suffering and feel completely helpless.  You wish you could trade places with them and take away their pain, knowing full well that you can’t.  Its an isolating and very lonely feeling.

I spent four days with Magnus strapped to my chest.  My arms heavy from the weight of his little body, yet I couldn’t bring myself to put him down.  The only comfort he found was in my arms, asleep with his head on my chest and his legs curled into his wee body.  It brought back memories of his infancy except fear and worry clouded the happiness.

In our case things got better and Magnus was back to his happy self within about a week.  We had to find a new caregiver, but I feel like maybe things happen for a reason.  Maybe there’s a greater plan for us.  Certain people meant to be in our lives, I have to hope and believe, and trust that we are on the path we are meant to be on, doing the best we can.

Oh, and after Magnus got better, Johannes and I got to spend some one on one time while my parents took Magnus for a few days.  During his little scare we didn’t get to spend much time with Johannes because we were so focused on making his brother better.  So spending two days just with him was pretty wonderful and just as important I hope.


IMG_7737 IMG_7776

No weekend is really truly quiet for us.  “Quiet” has taken on a new meaning for me now that I’m a parent of two energetic boys. Although I shouldn’t blame Johannes and Magnus I suppose. I myself don’t love quiet time, I tend to get anxious and irritable, and so I look for ways to keep busy with cooking or baking or re-arranging rooms around our home.

So this weekend was quiet for us.  Hockey Saturday morning meant Magnus and I got to spend a few hours alone, while Johannes and Michael were at the arena.  I dusted off my DSLR and snapped a few photos of Magnus playing in the crib after his nap.  It’s a rare occasion when Magnus wakes up from a nap in anything but a crabby mood, so it had to be documented.


soggy diapers for the win

IMG_7755 IMG_7756 IMG_7763 IMG_7734

We all reconvened for lunch after which the boys napped and I ran out to finalize plans for our new custom dining table that Jay from Junction Wood and Metal is making for us.  We realized over the holidays that we desperately need a family table in the dining room. It has to be a specific size in order to fit our little space so Jay is making us a walnut table with beautiful pin needle legs.

A fun birthday celebrating baby Avery capped off our Saturday in the best way possible and Sunday we all headed out to Mississauga and Milton for family time with my mom and dad, and Johannes’ first snowboard lesson of the season.  It’s been almost a year since he last hit the slopes and this time he gets to do it with his best friend which is equal parts cute and hilarious to watch. Side note, our kids decided they needed matching Burton x Marvel jackets in order to actually snowboard (insert small eye roll) and we as suckers obliged only to end up calling over 20 stores across Canada respectively before we found the one piece and jacket in remote stores.  The things we do for these kids!

IMG_7775 IMG_7772 IMG_7782 IMG_7815 IMG_7809 IMG_7811 IMG_7791

What did you guys get up to?! And did anyone try making my granola recipe yet?

Quality Time at the Fall Fair

IMG_9634 IMG_9647 IMG_9653 IMG_9659 IMG_9664 IMG_9680

As I sit here on my bed, listening to Magnus absolutely positively REFUSING to nap, feeling all kinds of frustrated.  Anxiety running through my veins at 20 mph.  This is my reality more often than not lately.  Its not just the naps, its also the frustrations that come with a baby who can walk but can’t communicate yet.  Who only partially understands what’s being said to him but also is curious about the world around him.  All amazing wonderful things!  BUT.  there is a BUT.  My frustration is there too, present more often than not and it manifests itself into how I treat Johannes and Michael too.

They’re older, I expect them to understand me, to help more.  Yet when I really think about it that’s not fair either.  Johannes is older than his brother, but he’s only 4 after all.  He’s very bright and articulate and sometimes I put unrealistic expectations on him to help more and do everything perfectly.  Not fair at all.  So the last couple of months I’ve been trying to do more fun things, quality time with just Johannes and Michael.  Magnus is lucky to spend some quality time with his grandparents and Michael, Johannes and I get to do fun things just us three too.  I want him to feel like a kid, to remember he’s important even through those frustrating days at home, when maybe I’m not as patient as I should be.  Its not the perfect parenting methodology, but its what our reality is now.

The Acton Fall Fair happened a few weekends ago.  We headed out early in the morning.  Ate corn dogs, watched the dog show, played with goats and pigs and sheep.  Participated in carnival games and won stuffed minions. We had a blast!  Johannes had a blast!  Now, two weeks later he still talks about it and asks when we can go again.  Next up maybe we’ll start doing a mom-Johannes skating date on Friday nights, or something equally fun that only us two can do together.

IMG_9689 IMG_9699 IMG_9716 IMG_9726 IMG_9731 IMG_9736 IMG_9754 IMG_9764 IMG_9778

Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries: Celebration

IMG_7480 IMG_7487 IMG_7491 sakura-bloom-celebration IMG_7532


Before I became a mom  “celebrating” something almost always meant birthdays, weddings, showers, champagne or cake… or often both.  I used to take on the entire month of February as my personal “birthday month”.  I planned elaborate fetes to celebrate special milestones.

And then Johannes came.  His due date fell on my birthday but the day came and went without his arrival.  But the day that he was born was the ultimate celebration.  I will never be able to replicate that moment, or for that matter the moment when his little brother Magnus was born either.

I can’t quite pinpoint the exact moment when celebrations took on a new meaning, but somewhere along the road of motherhood it has.  Celebrations now means simply enjoying the little things.  A BBQ picnic outside in the back yard, pizza dates on a Friday, running through the sprinklers because the sun is shinning.

I feel like I am a daily cheerleader now.  I celebrate everything and anything that my boys achieve, from crawling to first words.  Birthdays are still wildly important of course, especially those of my boys. Their birthdays are now a celebration of the lives I have helped to shape and create, rather than “just a day for being another year older”.  I often can’t believe I have two little boys to love and raise.  We get to have little parties for them all the time and watch them get excited and demand 3 cupcakes only to lick the icing off the top and nothing else.

And Magnus, oh sweet Magnus is almost 1.  Less then three months until his first birthday and its a big one.  Every day he learns something new, discovers interesting things and crosses a new milestone.  His little legs are becoming more and more stable and strong, preparing him to take those first uneasy steps.  The first year is by far the most amazing to me and we make sure to celebrate it all along the way with him.

IMG_7526 IMG_7544 IMG_7453 IMG_7615

This is my second entry for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries vol VI.  You can read my other posts here. // In this post I’m wearing the Simple Silk Baby Sling in Malbec.


Rub-a-dub-dub Baby in the Tub + a Printer Giveaway


Ok so I’m not always good at staging photos of the kids, mostly because my kids don’t cooperate, but also because I generally like to capture them in the natural moment.

However this past weekend I really wanted a few photos of Magnus in the tub.  He’s now sitting up so nicely and looks ridiculously cute in all his chubby glory.  Our tiny bathroom is dark and dingy.  Trying to get a good shot of anyone in there is difficult.  So I decided to stage it in the comfort of our own bedroom, on a cold and rainy Sunday.

baby-moments-app ready


For this shoot I followed along with one of Canon’s Plan Your Baby Moments tips specific to Magnus’ age.  Although I’ve been photographing my kids for years, I feel like I hit a bit of a rut with my photography lately, so it was nice to get inspired again as I tried to recreate one of the moments featured on the site.  The Plan Your Baby Moments site started out as a Facebook App, as some of you who’ve followed me for some time will know.  I am huge fan of the app, but now Canon has made it even easier for moms and dad’s to turn their own photographs of their kids into professional looking captures with both inspiration and professional advice from baby photographer Stephanie Robin.  I get asked so many questions about how I photograph my kids, and ideas and inspiration etc, and now its all in one site making it super easy for anyone to access.


For my own little shoot I first of all turned up the heat in the house, as it was a chilly damp day.  Then I followed  Stephanie’s advice about how to set up the shot, which you can do as well when you select the 6-9month milestone category.  I used my Canon SL1 with my EF 50mm f/1.8 ll to take all the photographs.  The props were pretty easy to gather up and you can find similar items here.  Magnus cooperated about half the time, enough for me to capture a few cute shots of his smily face.  But the out-takes are pretty precious too don’t you think?!

magnus-at-8-months baby-in-rainboots-photo-inspiration

Also!  Similar to last year I’m giving away a Canon SELPHY CP910 so you can print your gorgeous shots anywhere any time! All you have to do is follow me on Facebook and leave a comment below telling me you entered. Easy peasy.  I’ll announce the winner on June 16 when I’ll also show you how easy it is for one of my friends, also a mom, to take photos of her new little babe using the Plan Your Baby Moments site!

**This post was created in partnership with Canon Canada.  As always thank you for supporting our sponsors who make this blog possible.


Attachment Issues


Yoli+Otis wrap found here

I came to realize today that I have attachment issues.  My attachment issues don’t stem from tangible things, pets, food, family members.  Instead I am attached to memories.

I was presented with an interesting opportunity and it made me reflect on the things I hold most dear to me aside from the obvious.  As it turns out I am deeply attached to photos I take, not for what they are but rather for their role as keepers of memories and emotions.

They’re little milestones in my life and that of my family.  I lived them, I captured them, and I hold them dear.  I suppose it sounds weird coming from a mom who blogs her children’s lives on the internet, who has a public Instagram account and a kids shop.  But often I forget who reads my blog, or Instagram, or shops in my store.  I often feel like I do it all just for me and my photos are my own.  Personal.  My own little world.

I like to look at my photos and remember how I felt in that moment.  How a flower smelled, or how my pistachio ice cream tasted.  The giggle that Johannes made or the squeal that came before Magnus’ belly laugh.  They’re my life online, but my life none-the-less.  Some people journal, I don’t.  I take photos and blog.  Although I’ve posted over five thousand images on Instagram alone, and likely more on this blog here those are a curated selection.  For every image I post I wish I could post five more.  I have the toughest time  selecting what to share, because I love them all, and each memory is special to me.  It sounds weird, I know.

Its confusing.  I’m still confused.  Unsure of what course to take with the opportunity I referenced earlier and which I can’t quite talk about. But that’s life right?  No easy pathways or clear courses.  We work our way through windy tunnels and hope to find a little light at the very end.

So with that all being said, here are just a few of the 200 photos I took this weekend with my family.

IMG_7787 IMG_7693 IMG_7848 IMG_7932 IMG_7980 IMG_7669 Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset IMG_7926 IMG_7738 IMG_7958