“My Quotable Kid” Journal

I came across this lovely journal as I was browsing my The Paper Place in my neighbourhood.  We all know that kids say the darndest things, they even made a television show based around this concept, so how ingenius of Chronicle Books to design My Quotable Kid A Parent’s Journal of Unforgettable Quotes so that every parent can keep a record of their child’s funny sayings and remarks.  The journal has a page in the beginning where you can insert your child’s photograph, and each page is set up to allow you to write the quote, add their name, when they made the comment, what age and where they were at the time of the event.  I think this is a perfect gift for a baby shower or even a 1st birthday party.  I myself picked up a copy and am very excited to start filling it out in about a year or so.  I can only imagine how cute it will be to then look back and read through it when my son is older, or even say at his WEDDING!!!

All Things Jill: Peas in a Pod Review

As mamas we all want what’s best for our babies especially when it comes to skin care.  I am absolutely addicted to the All Things Jill: Peas in a Pod baby skin care line.  The Canadian company prides itself on producing natural and organic body care products, but its their baby and soon-to-be-mama products that are quickly selling out of baby stores around Toronto. 

My absolute favourite item from the Peas in a Pod line is the Smooth as a Baby’s Bum Balm.  I received this as a baby shower gift months before my son was born, and now, 3 and a half months after his birth this is the ONLY product I will put on his baby butt.  This cream is nothing like the petroleum or zinc based baby bum products out on the market.  It goes on smooth, not greasy, and does not leave any sticky residue that you have to harshly wipe off the baby after.  Its amazing at preventing diaper rash!  At 3 and a half months, we have never had diaper rash!  I have no idea what it even looks like.  I have stockpiles of the balm at home in the 120g container, and the small 60g in my diaper bag.  This product also works amazingly well for cradle cap.  I just massaged his scalp with it for 30 seconds, left it on his head for about 10 minutes, and brushed his head with a soft bristle brush…and presto….new baby scalp! Yey!  The best part is that you can read the ingredients of the product and you will actually be able to recognize every single item that goes into making it.

While the Bum Balm (or butt butter as I like to call it) is one of their best selling items, it is by no means the only amazing product.  The Organic Body Wash is lovely as well.  Its gentle in feel and smell, and does not burn your baby’s eyes if it happens to run in there.  The Milky Way Herbal Oat Wash is also a great product to use if your baby is experiencing irritated skin.  It helps to relieve Eczema, Chicken-Pox, severe diaper rash and so on.

I could probably write a whole essay on why I love this line as much as I do, but I think I should stop here.  For all international mamas that are not in Canada, you can order the products online and they can be shipped to you.  Although I live in Toronto, and there are multiple stores here that carry the line, it is ALWAYS sold out!  Moms are buying the Bum Balm etc in advance of the stores receiving the stock, so its often difficult to find it, therefore I’ve taken to buying batches of 10 or more containers and having it conveniently delivered to my door. 

From the left: Bum Balm, Oat Wash, Body Wash

Sophie the Giraffe is 50 Years Old!

Who knew that the world’s most famous children’s toy is turning 50 this year?  Sophie the Giraffe is a staple in most households around the globe; whether you’re in France, Spain, Canada or Mexico, you can always count on Sophie to be present in the neighbourhood baby store. 

I was first introduced to Sophie by my sister-in-law and  quickly learned the story behind the loveable toy once my son began to love her.  Sophie  is  easy to pack up for a day in the park, she floats so she can be used in the pool or tub, she is made of non-toxic rubber so that she will not harm the little babies who gnaw on her ears, and she keeps our little ones entertained with loud squeaks and squeals.  Sophie makes a great shower or welcome-baby gift and she is super affordable!  She loves everyone from celeb babies to us ‘common folk’ and she does not discriminate. 

In celebration of Sophie’s big 50, she is holding a photo contest, so hurry up and submit yours and you might be the big winner!  Lets all wish Sophie the giraffe a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Sophie the Giraffe, Sophie the Bath Toy, Sophie with celeb babies

Ingenious Sippy Cups for Babies

As your baby gets ready to transition from bottle to sippy cup, a question on all moms’ minds is “what is the best sippy cup for my baby?”. The truth is that there are literally hundreds of different companies out there all claiming to have the very best product. For me, 3 sippy cups in particular stand out, for very different reasons.
The Zoli Green BOT straw sippy cup is wonderful. BOT features an innovative straw technology that moves to the liquid whenever the cup is tilted allowing the child to sip to the last drop. The cup is designed with a simple integrated handle and lid to eliminate lost parts. The handle, lid, and base is made of polypropylene while the straw is made from food-grade silicone and a stainless steel weighted ball. Mom’s love this for their babies because with the new technology babies ingest less air, burp less, throw up less and have less tummy issues. It’s available at various retailers in Canada and the U.S. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have my son start using his!
The Safe Sippy Cup by Kidbasix is a no-spill sippy cup made from non-leaching stainless steel. This is a “green” solution for parents that are as concerned about the environment as they are about what goes into their child’s body. In addition, there is now the Safe Sippy 2 which converts from sippy to straw botlle and allows your baby to drink it all by themselves. With the stainless steel canteen, you never have to worry about your child dropping and breaking it.
The transition from bottle to sippy does not have to be complicated. While for some babies the transition is seamless, for other’s it can be a process in itself. That’s why MAM has created the Hold Me Bottle. The bottle features handles for the babies to hold onto themselves, but utilizes a silicone spout which mimics the silicone nipple of a regular bottle. This product is great for those babies who need a little help in making the transition.

From the top: MAM bottle, Kid-Basix Safe Sippy, Zoli BOT

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are suffering from mommy-brain like I am, you may have forgotten that Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday July 19th.  As such, I wanted to put together some last minute gift ideas for the amazing daddies out there who do so much for their little ones.

Techie daddies will LOVE the new Apple IPad2!  With this new generation of the device, Apple has worked out most of the kinks that first time users experienced.  Daddies can use this to take pictures of their little ones, download interactive children’s books that they can share at story time and even video chat with their families if they are on the road.  The best part of all is that if you order this device straight from Apple, you can have it personalized with an engraving to remind daddy how much you all love them.

Daddy the business man will love this stylish yet sturdy briefcase from Filson.  Made from 100% bridle leather and thick canvas, these briefcases come with a lifetime warranty.  The Seattle based company has specialized in men’s outdoor wear since 1897.  They are chic yet masculine, perfect for those daddies who carry a briefcase to work.

The metro-daddy is always on the hunt for the best skin-care products out there.  Kiehls’ Face Fuel Moisturizer is light-weight, refreshing and contains spf 15, so busy daddy can reduce their skin-care regime steps down to one.  The best part is that it goes on matte, so they will never look like they put on moisturizer in the morning, yet they will still get the benefit of healthy, moisture rich skin.

The family-man dad will appreciate the personalized mouse pad with a picture of their family or the new baby.  They can take it with them to the office, or use it at home while surfing the net, but they will be reminded of their loved ones every time they click the computer mouse.

The daddy-traveller will enjoy the Filson padded carry-on bag.  This bag is made of the same bridle leather and canvas as the briefcase, but it contains extra padded pockets inside which can store and protect their laptop, phone and IPad.  This bag is even big enough to incorporate a few overnight items.

Last but not at all least, the dad with the overflowing wallet…we all know at least one of these daddies.  Tumi wallets are hot and sturdy.  They are made to accommodate many, receipts, dollar bills and even a passport.  They fit perfectly in jean pockets and suit pants as well.  Best of all the thick leather exterior does not bend easily and provides the most protection for its contents.

From the top: Filson Padded Bag, personalized mouse, Apple IPad2, Filson Brief Case, Kiehl's moisturizer, Tumi wallet

Fascinators are Back!

It seems that the Royal Wedding  has inspired an emerging trend: fascinators!  Popular in the early 20th century, the fascinator had all but disappeared from the fashion scene by the 1970s, but it is back with a vengeance!  And  adults and fashionistas aren’t the only ones donning this uber lovely accessory, but babies are too..  I scoured my favorite Etsy sites for the loveliest of lovely fascinators just for you.  These accessories are fabulous for newborn photo shoots, baptisms or even just a dinner out with Mom and Dad.  I love the delicate intricacies of the feathers and silk additions and paired with a lovely white summer dress or even jeans and a  t-shirt they really add an element of loveliness to everyday wear.