Baby Bath Time

Johannes has loved his baths from day one.  Part of me really wishes I had been more aware, and better able to capture those early bath times on camera.   I feel like I was maybe too preoccupied with making sure J didn’t slip under the water to ever just let Michael bathe him so I could take a few pictures.

After reading one of my favorite blogs, and seeing Kelly’s beautiful bath time pics of her little girl, I was inspired to capture this precious time.  Because one day I will look back at these moments and wish I’d taken the time to photograph them.  And while my pictures are nowhere near as gorgeous as Kelly‘s…you get the general idea.  Rambo in the tub and Rambo out of the tub…that’s how we roll.  Here’s what our typical bath time looks like:  splashing the water as the tub fills up…stands up in the tub constantly, water in eyes = ouch, towel off….PJ time.