DIY Monogram + More: Guest Post

I am not a very creative person, at least not when it comes to DIY projects.  Luckly we have chic blogger and supermom Laura from JourneyChic,

here to show us how with just a little glue, paper and creativity, we can make lovely monograms and other inspired projects for the kiddos’ rooms! 

I am so SOOOO excited for today’s guest post!  JourneyChic is one of my FAVORITE blogs to go to for home decor ideas, fashion inspiration and DIY projects….head over to Laura’s blog check out some of her posts!!  {and while you’re at it…say a little ‘HELLO’}

Thank you so much Laura for all your wonderful ideas and beautiful pictures!

Hello Bluebird Kisses readers! I’m Laura from JourneyChic, mom to a very busy 14-month old boy. As a gal who works full-time outside the home, there are very few minutes in my day for craft projects. So, I’m all about looking for super-simple and inexpensive ways to spruce up our home.

A good nursery design always includes personal touches and colorful details. The easiest and cheapest way that I’ve found to add some whimsy to my son’s nursery is the oh-so-simple combination of paper and glue. Sounds like a kid’s school art project, right? Well, it’s just that easy! Look for sales on scrapbook paper at your local craft store, and stock up. While you’re there, buy a jar of Mod Podge, some inexpensive craft paint in colors to match the nursery, and small foam paint brushes. At home, raid your junk drawer for scissors, a pencil, and ruler. That’s all you need to create great projects like these!

Wood Monogram

My son’s nursery lacked a monogram for the past year until picked up a big wooden “D” on clearance for 50 cents. I traced the letter onto scrapbook paper, painted the letter, and then applied the paper with Mod Podge after the paint dried. A little hot glue and small piece of ribbon created the perfect simple hook.

Days of the Week Clothes Rack

Mornings are busy at our house, and it’s my hubby’s job to get our son dressed and ready in time for me to take him to daycare. To prevent my poor boy from showing up at “school” in mismatched outfits selected by Daddy, I line up his clothes for the week on Sunday night. My father made the peg rack, and I used the same process as the monogram to embellish plain wooden numbers with scrapbook paper. It’s a fun way to stay organized and teach my little one about numbers.

Embellished Bookcase

Even the most boring, basic bookcase from Ikea or your local home improvement store can be spruced up with paint and paper. Wrapping paper is the perfect choice for covering a larger area like the back of the bookcase. Turn the bookcase on its back so that it’s laying flat on the floor. Cut the paper to fit, and brush Mod Podge onto both the bookcase and paper. Carefully lay the paper down and use a ruler’s edge to remove bubbles. Stack some books on top to weigh the paper down until it dries (overnight should be enough time).

Colorful Closet Dividers

After your baby shower, you may find yourself with loads of clothes for your little one in a wide variety of sizes. Plastic dividers are a great way to keep them organized so you don’t grab the wrong size when you’re in a rush (or exhausted out of your mind!). The dividers are from The Container Store, and although I used a label-maker for the sizes you can also use alphabet scrapbook stickers.

Isn’t it amazing what can be done with a little paper and glue? All of these projects are easy enough to do while your kiddo naps or while you’re watching your favorite reality show. For detailed instructions on each project, just click on the images.

Thanks for having me, Ana!

Real Nursery: Levi’s Retreat {Part 2}

Here are a few more beautiful photos of Levi’s nursery and the little details that make it so special.

Mom Leitia writes:  “What I love so much about the room would be how many of the elements are made by my husband, friends, or myself.  (The monster prints, mobile, crib sheet, “Jesus Loves Me” print, window garland, chalkboard canvas, foot stool, mostly refinished furniture and frames.) It has really inspired and encouraged me to take on other projects and rooms in my home.  I adore the color scheme-after being inspired by many nurseries around the internet, I wanted an aqua, yellow, and pale pink scheme for a girl and orange, gray, and hint of green for a boy.  However when we had the first ultrasound, the baby hid his parts….and I was dying to get started on the nursery…so just meshed my two ideas together.  (Later found out it was a boy!)   The zoo animal shower curtain/curtain door (from Target) really pulled my ideas together…and we ran from there.  It is now easily our favorite room in the house!”

Real Nursery: Levi’s Retreat {Part 1}

Today’s nursery feature is so beautiful and fresh, I just had to split it into 2 posts so I could feature all of the lovely pictures.  Leitia, mom extraordinaire, was so creative and did just a wonderful job creating the perfect retreat for baby Levi.   There are so many elements to this room that I adore, but my favorite by far is the mobile!  I will let the photos speak for themselves.

…to be continued…

Real Nursery: Puppy Love

Long before little baby Claire came into this world, mom Kate was already dreaming up the perfect pad for her little princess.  Since mom and dad didn’t want to know the sex of the baby in advance, she was inspired to put together a fresh unisex nursery, with lovely shades of crisp tangerine, soft gray, fresh white and accented with black, and featuring the family puppies in prints and mobile inspiration.  I love this nursery and everything that it symbolizes!  It is the perfect retreat for little Claire!

Besides the crib and dresser-change table, the rest of the room is filled with DIY projects, which makes this room a real labor of love!   Mom writes: “Mom and I made the curtains, she totally carried me on that project at the end though. Who knew being on the floor cutting/pinning 90 inch curtains would be so hard at 30+ weeks? My mom made the pillow and crocheted the blanket on the rocker. Rocker was a free hand me down from Bill’s aunt. Bill and I put up the tree (from etsy) and refurbished an old tv hutch: paint, chalkboard paint on front squares, new hardware. I made the mobile:) Pictures are of our dogs Sophie, Tuffy and our Angel dog Suzie”