Beautiful New Mom Photos

Beautiful photographer and mom-to-be Lora Vertue, owner of Kissed by Light Photo Studio, captured the essence of a new mom.  I can’t quite get over how amazing these photos are…and I hope you love them as much as I do.  The contentment and love between mother and child is unmistakable.

To Be Mom

To be mom {Photography by Kissed by Light Photo Studio}

Mr. Social Butterfly

I am still quite  a few picture posts behind on all our trip photos, so today and tomorrow I’m dedicating it to finally bringing you all up to speed on our travels.

Baby J was quite the star during our trip.  Everyone wanted to hold him, and he was passed around like a hot potato for almost the entire time we were there.  And he LOVED every minute of it!

Whether we were enjoying a leisurely afternoon snack at one of the many outdoor patios, or being snuggled in our living room, baby J was Mr. social butterfly.  Since coming home he has had to re-adjust to a more moderate amount of snuggles…but I think he’s done quite well.

{snuggles with aunty M}

{kisses from daddy}

{smooches from uncle Faust}

{baby J carried around by Miss T}

{not a baby photo….but rather a photo of our patio snacks}

Proud to be a Mom

I had quite a busy past weekend, a wedding, baby J’s baptism, bestie visiting, workouts and on-going work calls that kept me up late into the night.  Needless to say I am feeling rather exhausted on this Monday morning and very nostalgic for some reason.  I keep reflecting on the past five and a half months, on all that has happened and how quick the time flies. 

Sometimes I wish I could slow time down.  As if I just cannot get in enough hugs in a day, or tell baby J “I love him” often enough. 

I am reflecting on how much my life has changed and how different of a person I am. 

I have never been happier.  Giving birth to Johannes was my greatest success and biggest accomplishment.  I am so proud to be a mom, it is amazing, and mine and my husband’s relationship has never been better.

I remember how much closer we got during my labour and first few days of baby J’s life.  We keep growing and thriving as a family and that makes me happy.

Today is a good day…and I’m excited to make the most of it {even during nap times}.

{J’s birthday}

{J and I at 2 days old}


{1 week old}

{first time at the beach}


{baby J at bed time}

Rock Baby {Photography}

{Photography by Kissed by Light Photography}

I am just in awe of todays EXQUISITE photos taken by Lora Vertue of Kissed by Light Photography.  Lora is so talented and captured not only the raw beauty of motherhood but also the divine connection between momma and baby. Simply  BEAUTIFUL!!

{Photography by Kissed by Light Photography}

Baby Couture Photoshoot

{Photography by Hong Photography}

I love todays beautiful baby photography feature from Ellen Ho from Hong Photography Studio.  Every time I see one of Ellen’s shoots I fall head over heels in love, and this baby couture shoot is no different!  It is simply exquisite and I cannot say anything else!  The words that come to mind when I see these is:  beautiful, LOVE, romance, tranquility!  As much as I love photos taken in their natural environment, there is just something lovely and oh-so-precious about having a shoot in a natural light studio, such as Ellen’s French Couture Loft.

Ellen writes  “Last year I had the pleasure of photographing our talented makeup artist (and my good friend!) Ai Nagasawa’s baby session at our French Couture Loft.  It’s been amazing to see Ai to go from getting married, being pregnant, and up to this day of having such an adorable baby girl Miki!”

{Photography by Hong Photography}

Angelic Maternity Photoshoot

Today’s captivating maternity photo shoot comes to us courtesy of Vancouver’s talented and inspiring Karolina Turek, of Karolina Turek Photography.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the momma floating so angelically through the air.  She is so beautiful and intriguing, and the photograph makes me feel as though there is more of a story to uncover than meets the eye.  And how gorgeous is the momma’s family and precious little girl!?  The cute little rubber boots, and gigantic umbrella, make this little cutie seem like a story-book munchkin!  EEk I just love this shoot, its amazing!!

{Photography by Karolina Turek Photography}