Storytree {storytelling for all generations}

My friend Bruno sent me a link the other day, to a new up and coming innovative company – Storytree!  If you haven’t heard of them yet…its only a matter of time before you do because the concept behind their work combines in part the love of generational storytelling and a social media baby book.  It’s actually really remarkable!!

Storytree: Remember the Time from StoryTree on Vimeo.

Co-founders Matt Sullivan and Zach Weiner got their amazing start at Stanford while talking to baby boomers and quickly realized that in today’s technology oriented society sometimes the stories of the past get lost with each generation.  Check out their blog here.

Personally, I remember when my grandparents {and even my great grandparents} would sit with me at bed time, or on a lazy afternoon, and tell me stories about their childhood, growing up etc…  Now my own baby boy might not get the same experience.  My husband and I live in one city and our families are spread out all over the world {literally}.  The time that baby J will get to see his grandma Jan will be limited, but yet grandma Jan has TONS of stories she might want to tell!  This is where storytree comes in! 

In part social media connection and in part online geneaology, Storytree is a brilliant concept, and I have no doubt that it will explode on the world stage quickly.  I know I am so SOOO excited to sign up and start using it!  And hope that baby J will one day be glad that I did.

What do you think of the storytree idea??


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