Sunday at Paul’s Ranch

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on me: Arizia dress and hat // Saltwater Sandals  on him: Zara Kids tshirt // Jcrew shorts // TOMS shoes

Johannes has been non-stop talking about horses for over a year, and every chance he gets to ride one he begs and begs until we put him on a horse.  To be perfectly fair he loves all animals, regardless of what they are, even raccoons and skunks.  He’s an animal lover, maybe all kids are actually, but our son is crazy about them.  So back to the horses.  Johannes really wants  a horse.  As much as I would love to give him everything he wants, this is one gift I just can’t procure.  For starters we live in an urban area.  So a close friend of my brother’s, Paul, was so sweet as to let us crash his house and land and ride pretty much every machine and animal he has.  Johannes had a blast, so much so that he has told me repeatedly since coming home, that he doesn’t want to live with us anymore because he wants to go live with Paul.

Thank you Paul for being the best ever and letting us crash your beautiful space for the day.  You made a little boy’s dreams come to life, and we are super grateful.

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