Project Parenting?

I come from a family where every major decision in life is made only after absorbing a slew of research material.  Take for example when my brother and I asked our parents for a hamster.  Our dad took us to the pet store, but before buying a hamster we were invited to read two different books on the topic.  To make a list of materials and really REALLY think whether or not we wanted to embark on this venture.

So when the topic of having children was raised, the first thing I did was place an order with Amazon.  But it didn’t stop there.  A few months later I saw that beautiful blue plus sign, and I ordered a few more books.  And a few more as I progressed through the pregnancy.  Once J was born I ordered a few more books, this time on the topic of parenting.  Whenever I encountered a problem, disciplinary, sleep related, eating oriented…I ordered more and more books.

There are exactly 32 books {with 2 on the way as of this morning} that I have purchased, read and tried in some way or another to apply daily to my parenting.  These books cover everything from pregnancy, birth, nutrition, Montessori schooling and so on.

I tackle parenting the same way I tackle everything else in life, like a project.  Only I realized, today, that parenting is not a project.  Sure it helps to be informed, to know the inner workings of that big ol’ belly in week 25.  But at the end of the day parenting is so individual, so personal, so unique to each person, that I don’t quite know how one theory can apply to everyone.

In my case only a handful of books have actually stood out for me, provided me guidance and peace of mind. These weren’t the books with self-help tips, or catchy messages.  They were the books that cut through the parenting BS and really got down to the facts.

I loved that I was able to inform myself and then create strategies that work for us.  Because really, is parenting a project?  I suppose the answer will differ depending on who you ask.  But I personally am beginning to realize that the principles which work really well when looking to buy a new car, don’t always apply to parenting.

But in the event that you are even slightly as neurotic as I am, and would like to know what my favorites are…here they are!!

{note:  if you want to read a really great post on “Bringing Up Bebe”, check out Our Lovely Lives blog.  This article was the reason I purchased the book.}


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    These are all new to me, but the Mayo Clinic book. I think I’ll have to check out that Montessori book. I think it’s such a great way for little ones to learn those first few years, but I just kind of wing it – ha! Your posts have been pretty helpful too!

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