Nutella Doughnut Birthday Cake

I decided to only bake one thing for Johannes’ birthday, so it had to be a good one.  I thought about his favorite things…cake, chocolate, doughnuts, Nutella…and decided to try and put them all together.

I made a four layer vanilla cake using this recipe.  Then I made a whipped butter cream, recipe here  then I split the butter cream into two equal batches.  I added 1 cup of Nutella to half the butter cream and used vanilla beans to flavor the other half.  Then I baked a batch of mini doughnuts {recipe here} which I glazed with a mix of Nutella glaze {made by making regular glaze and adding Nutella to taste} and regular vanilla glaze.  I sprinkled at my own discretion and then assembled the cake as you see below.

The results were pretty great.  Johannes was super excited, especially about the mini doughnuts.  And the rest of us left J’s party feeling quite a few pounds heavier.  But if you’re going to gain a little weight you might as well do it eating something delicious.

If I had to change one thing though it would be this:  I would make only a 3 layer cake and use the same amount of butter cream filling.  I personally thought it was a bit too much cake and not enough cream…but I am one who LOVES CREAM!



  1. Julia says

    Yes yes yes!! This cake is perfect. My little lady turns three on Sunday and I’ve been going back and forth between doughnuts or cake. This is a perfect combo.

    • says

      Julia I hope this turns out for you! I baked the cake layers the night before his birthday but made the cream and assembled it the day of for maximum freshness 🙂 good luck! I’m sure it will be amazing

  2. says

    Nice work! I too made a three layer cake for Marigold’s birthday, and my cream cheese butter cream frosting was a disaster. The cake also fell over because it was so heavy. I’m a terrible baker but it was delicious!! 🙂

    • says

      Andrea that’s really cute! i think taste is 90% of the battle in my opinion…who wants a pretty cake that tastes awful right?? Anyways the first few times I baked I didn’t get it right either, and even now I make mistakes. Your little girl most certainly LOVED the cake 🙂


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