Montessori for Babies: Exploratory Walks

Baby J started walking a few weeks ago.  He’s still getting the hang of it but he is walking very well while holding on to one of my hands and I encourage him to walk at every opportunity.  I want to allow J to be independent and to do things based on free will.  Now instead of picking him up and carrying him to the car I let him walk holding my hand.  If and when he gets tired he always gestures for me to pick him up.  After all his legs are little, and they’ve never been used like this before.  So I don’t expect him to walk for miles.  But we do go on little walks.

Montessori principles encourage parents to give these little guys and girls the freedom to explore.  To walk with them but let them guide the way, to absorb their environment and understand it at their level.  So I take baby J on exploratory walks.  I bundle him up, take him by the hand and let him lead the way.  I’m there to make sure he is safe, and to provide him the stability that he needs.

These exploratory walks means that we walk very slow.  Sometimes we stop for minutes at a time just to stare at the ground, or we turn ourselves around in circles.  Sometimes we walk 10 steps, then turn around and walk back 10 steps, and then do it all over again…round and round.  I’m sure that anyone who sees us like this must think we are crazy, but its really amazing for him to see this new world on a whole new level.  He’s never walked before, he’s never seen the street from this perspective so its all so new.  The walk is a chance to spend time with my son while he begins to understand the world he lives in.

But of course we also had to stop for a few kissey poses.  After all we don’t always have a designated photographer trailing us!



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  1. Silje says

    That’s so great Ana!! I have always tried to walk at Davis’s pace…it drives me batty when I see poor toddlers being hauled around by their parents. I almost want to tap them on the shoulder and tell them to stop and look at their poor kid that has to run at practically top speed just to keep up with their parent who is walking at an oblivious fast pace…and then these parents probably wonder why their babe gets cranky or whiney or tired so quick!

    Anyways, it is so amazing to have the chance to slow down and see the world through their eyes and marvel at how the smallest little thing to an adult can be so amazing to a child 🙂

    • says

      I know Sil so true. Their little legs take some time to work and they are also so interested in everything. We have this huge mirror in front of the elevators and every time we pass by J needs to stop and say hello to himself…he even gives himself high fives and head butts…its the cutest.

  2. says

    I love reading this and seeing these photos:)
    Lucia loves to go out for walks…and by walks I mean, she runs and I chase her. The girl is fast! If we’re just going to the dry cleaners or the park I let her walk and don’t even bother to bring the stroller. She loves to go visit the ducks near where we live and I either hold her hand like you and J or I walk a little behind her so she can lead the way. It’s funny bc now, after months of walking, she barely turns around to check that I am there…she just knows:) Her mama is never far behind. But when she sees something that she is excited by her looks for me and is laughing and pointing and trying to call out whatever it is. It is so sweet and I feel so energized by her enthusiasm and curiousity. Isn’t that the best thing ever?

    • says

      It really is. I love going on walks with J. and I can’t wait for the day when he can lead the way too, so I can see where his little curiousity will take him. I’m sure that day isn’t too far away now….he’s walking better and better every day. I have a feeling that pretty soon he won’t even want his storller, he already cried the other day when he saw me pull it out, he LOVES walking and I love being able to take him on walks with me, its such a great way to spend time with him

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