Montessori at Home: Bean Transfer

I have to admit that this activity actually started out a little differently.  I had set up the activity with the intention of having Johannes “pour” the beans from one container to the next, but that proved to be too difficult for his 17 month old baby hands.  He quickly became frustrated with the activity and started to throw the beans around.

As I began to tidy up by placing the beans in the bowls, Johannes instantly became excited and started to help.  So I decide to go with it.  Once all the beans were back in the bowl, I placed them on his left and placed a new empty bowl on his right.  Instant activity.

Johannes spent the next 15 minutes or so, slowly transferring the beans from one bowl to the next. And when he started to get a little bit bored, I placed the beans in a clear plastic cup which would force him to use his pincher grasp a little bit more, especially when nearing the very bottom.

It was an important lesson for me most of all.  Its not often that I misjudge J’s capabilities but this time I clearly did so.  It was a wake up call to see the issue occur, then see how quickly he became frustrated and disengaged.  But with the right activity, he could spend plenty of time interested and focused.  Its definitely about the right balance.

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    It’s great that you were able to ‘go with’ him on this activity and then extend it further with him practicing the pincer grip. thanks for sharing your experience.

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    Hey! I just found your site while doing some research for an article for Natural Parents Network! I am linking this post up to a post about ‘off beat’ learning materials. Just wanted to say hi! (I live in TO as well!)


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