Johannes’ Room Tour


At long long last I am finally getting my act together enough to actually photograph and post a tour of Johannes’ room.  We’ve only moved in like 9 months ago, ahhh I feel like a slacker.  I think the real issue is feeling like the house isn’t completely done.  There are still lights that need to be changed, and closets to be revamped…furniture rearranged.  But I guess this all takes time doesn’t it?

Johannes’ room is as done as it is going to get so I might as well post it before we change it up again.  The style and feel of the room is pretty light and fun.  I mixed inexpensive furniture with even less expensive thrifted accents and pieces…and splurged on a lamp and two shelves that were more selfishly for me than anything.  Right now this is my favorite room in the house, and I say “now” because I’m sure as I finish off the rest they will become my favorites too.

You can also see Johannes’ closet makeover here.

IMG_3043 IMG_3054 IMG_3056 IMG_3061 IMG_3049 IMG_3096 IMG_3058 IMG_3075 IMG_3083 IMG_3074 IMG_3060 IMG_3092 IMG_3097 IMG_3070   IMG_3066 IMG_3079


Bed, carpet, book case, prints and frames – IKEA // house shelves – Ferm Living // city blocks – Muji // desk, trunk, world map – vintage // pirate ship – Playmobil // coat rack – personalized by Heath Nash


  1. Nicole says

    This room looks marvelous for a little boy, you should feel so proud!! Taking time to decorate your home gives you a balanced approach that in the end, you will truly be happy with! We are in this boat now, after a gigantic home remodel, still need to organize closets and repaint rooms that did not get remodeled because our tastes have changed in 5 years. Loving where we are today, where we have come from and all that our family is…makes right now perfect!

  2. says

    Hi Ana, what a beautiful room you’ve created for J. Of course I have seen it in real life, but I love it yet again when seeing these beautiful pictures. By the way, absolutely LOVE your new blog design! So clean and crisp, just perfect. xo

  3. Mary says

    Love his room! We have the same beds for my twins and was wondering where you purchased his blankets, since the bed is not actually a toddler size bed and I don’t have it fully extended into a twin I am having the hardest time finding a blanket that fits and looks nice on the bed. I use regular twin sheets and just fold the extra underneath, wondering if that’s what I should do about a blanket as well.

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