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I was up designing some new prints for the shop and I realized that I really wanted to do something to also say a huge THANK YOU to all of you guys who check in every day on this blog and on Instagram.  To thank you for supporting me and for caring enough to send me messages when I seem down, or commenting on a regular basis.  I don’t want to get all mushy.  I’ll reign it in and just say “thanks”.  I hope you guys like these printables, they’re 8×10, are best printed on higher stock paper and fit perfectly into ikea frames!

* These printables are made available to you strictly for free personal use. If you would like to share, please do not link from the PDF but rather from this page.  Copyright Bluebird K Incorporated .*


  1. Irene says

    Thanks Ana! Ijust printed the I love Coffee one and pinned it up in my work station to brighten it up. Love checking in on this blog as a moment of relaxation from the chaos of life…

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