Beautiful Paintings by Adriane Duckworth!

Meet Adriane Duckworth

Super talented painter at Adriane Duckworth: Original Paintings, beautiful momma and blogger over at The A&B Stories.

I am a devoted follower of Adriane’s blog, and am so excited that she started her own shop to feature her lovely paintings.

Take a look below and you will see why!

I think its pretty safe to say that I’m not only in awe of Adriane, but a little tiny bit jealous as well.ย  Her paintings are so beautiful and she is so amazingly talented.

The word beautiful doesn’t quite do these paintings justice….ELEGANT, elegant is a better word I believe.

Adriane Duckworth‘s work is abstract, clean and the perfect touch of elegance for any space.

Check out her website, and ETSY shop to see a wide selection of beautiful original paintings.

And don’t forget to also stop by her lovely blog, The A&B Stories, where she shares all of her crafting and new momma tales!

I WANT ALL OF THESE PAINTINGS!! {now all I need is a bigger house!}


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