Memory Box {in a suitcase}

A few weeks ago I posted about Shabby Chic Home Interiors and desperately fell in love with the vintage Samsonite suitcase in my post.  I just knew that I had to have it!  But what would I use it for?! 

Then BINGO…my husband suggested we buy and use it as a memory box for baby J!  We ordered it from Etsy and last week it finally arrived!  It was even more lovely in person.  The wooden detail, rusted edges, re-upholstered interior and musky smell….ahhh amazing!

Memory Box

Memory Box

{suitcase in baby J’s room}

memory box

{wooden detail}

memory box

{re-upholstered interior}

{filling the memory box/suitcase with baby J’s belly book, baptism candle, feeding/changing baby log etc…}

Baby J loved it so much he decided he needed to do a baby photoshoot in the trunk. 

{baby J in the suitcase}

{Abby is intrigued}

Memory Box


  1. says

    Aw – baby in a box! Seriously, I love that suitcase – the color is beautiful, and it’s a great idea. I have small one from left from my wedding that’s in Junior closet right now, and it contains cards that he received on his first birthday.

  2. says

    this is so beyond cute! LOVE that suitcase and am going to check out that site right now. I love that you are using it for a memory box, because it is big enough to hold all those extras that don’t fit into a book—genius! and can i just say—love his outfit!


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