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I really can’t say enough about how many real, amazing moms are on Instagram, sometimes I feel like I’m a broken record but not a day goes by that I’m not inspired or humbled or made to laugh by something and someone I follow or newly discovered on that site.  Its 99% such a great community, and it makes up for the sucky 1% of people who use it to be vile, selfish and mean.

So in the spirit of positivity and beautiful mommy-hood here is Elin Visscher (@elinfloor) and her ultra real interview.  I haven’t met Elin in person, but I want to, and when I do I imagine her to be one of the sweetest gentlest moms.  With a great sense of humor and sweet style I feel like I maybe already know her a little bit.

Here’s what Elin had to share.


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family.

I am Eline and I live in a small village in the Netherlands together with my little family.  I love Arjan and my two daughters Ise (4) en Saartje (1).  I’m a photographer, my specialties are portraits, mostly of families and babies.  Arjan works as an air-traffic controller. I love vintage, sushi and flowers. I’m not so fond of eating breakfast and ironing. Our life is hectic, unorganized and never dull.

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Describe a typical day/routine?

There’s no such thing as a typical day for us. Every day is different because of Arjan’s schedule. I work round his shifts, so when he comes home, I go to work and vice versa. It works for us, and I’m glad the kids are used to it as well. I can get jealous sometimes of people with weekends, or structure though. But with Ise going to school now, we do have some more structure in our lives.

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Are there any special traditions, celebrations or customs your family takes part in?

Only St. Nicolas once a year actually (Dutch version of Santa Claus, including the gifts). I like that a lot and I hope the girls are going to as well.

What would people be most surprised to find out about you?

Haha. I guess too much, but let’s start with a few things.

I have four brothers. And I lived in Nigeria, Africa for three years. I’m actually not Dutch, cause I was born in Belgium. And I hate my middle name, it rhymes with my first name.
I was 17 when I moved out, I was terrible at that age. Couldn’t find my peace at home. If someone would’ve told me at my 21th birthday “You are going to have two kids before your 29th birthday”, I would have fainted. Seriously.

elin visscher photography

What is your favorite pass-time?

During the evening, when I haven’t got a shoot to finish, watching TV-shows on the couch with Arjan, or go see a movie, seeing friends (i love my friends!), eating sushi. The usual stuff. Actually kinda boring 😉

elin visscher photography

Describe you children’s rooms decorating style?

I’m a lazy decorator. Their beds and closets are from IKEA, the rest is a mixture of stickers, posters, wallpaper and frills found in numerous shops.

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What is your favorite room in the house and why?

Our living room, I absolutely love our couch. A real “living-couch”, the girls have their own playing corner and we also eat in the living room.

Is it easy to meet other moms in your community?

I was the first of my own friends who started with kids, which was kinda hard sometimes. I had the idea they didn’t always understand me. Now that they are also starting to have kids, I see all of them experiencing the same problems and joys that I was having. A pity that we didn’t get to share those things together. Most of Arjan’s friends already had kids or were expecting them, that’s why it wasn’t difficult to find mothers within our community.

elin visscher photography

What surprised you most about motherhood?

I heard people say, children are like mirrors, and it’s true. I see myself in them, especially when I’m angry or in certain words. Sometimes very funny, sometimes not at all. Ben Sirach once said: “A daughter is a treasure and a cause of sleeplessnes”, and I think that’s true. Literally and figuratively. The youngest is a terrible sleeper, has been since birth, 1,5 years ago. And besides that, I already worry about the time that they’re older and start making their own choices. I hope they are the right ones, otherwise I just have to remind myself that I made some wrong choices and ended up quite well.

I never would have thought I’d have two daughters, I always saw myself as a “boys-mom”. After our first was born, my mother told me: “I hope they won’t go through puberty the way you did”. But I can already tell that she’s got even more spirit than I have. Our youngest is more like her dad in terms of character, thankfully 😉 The best part of children, is the way they change how you look at life. For example, it’s been years since I ever looked up, nowadays I do it a lot more. Everybody should do it, there are so many beautiful things to see above our heads. I’m so thankful for my two healthy daughters.

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What’s your philosophy on “eating your vegetables”?

They have to at least taste everything. We do eat vegetables almost everyday but I try to make as much meals that they like, like courgette, spinach, cucumber, tomato. Unfortunately they are just like their dads, they like their meats. So I buy our meat organic.

elin visscher photography

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and who would you bring along?

I’ve been to quite a lot of countries already, but I would love to see Vietnam sometime, or South America, or Japan. With partner and kids, once they’re a lot older. We’ve been to Thailand with Ise when she was 1,5 years old for six weeks. She loved it in her sling, but sometimes it was pretty exhausting, 6 weeks on top of eachother, I’m not made for that. I needed an hour every day, just for myself, reading a book or listening to some music. Arjan’s not like that, I’m a bit more egocentric. As a matter of fact, Arjan is much nicer anyway.

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What role does Instagram play in your life?

A bit too big of a role actually. I’m trying to cut back a bit, in which I am succeeding. I should spend more time doing the household, playing with the kids or working. But then again, I feel guilty if I don’t see everybody’s pictures during the day. I just love Instagram, the people, the pictures. It’s a huge inspiration! I’m still feeling guilty I can’t follow everybody back…

elin visscher photography

What have you found most surprising about Instagram?

So many people following me. Weird!


You know, if it wasn’t for the names I secretly feel like I could have written this myself!  I was also a terror as a teenager, my poor mom…  And I love sushi, and alone time.  Sometimes when we have a lot of family over I secretly pretend to have a headache just to get some time alone in another room.

Thank you so much Elin for sharing your thoughts and life here today!  You can follow Elin on Instagram, her Photography website and Facebook.


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    haha! I felt the same way too! Lots of similarities here (rotten moody teen, thought I’d be a mother of boys, need alone time!) and I love that about instagram and what you do here with this feature. Real moms that are inspiring and sometimes, just like ourselves! Keep it up Ana!

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