Baby Bath Time

Johannes has loved his baths from day one.  Part of me really wishes I had been more aware, and better able to capture those early bath times on camera.   I feel like I was maybe too preoccupied with making sure J didn’t slip under the water to ever just let Michael bathe him so I could take a few pictures.

After reading one of my favorite blogs, and seeing Kelly’s beautiful bath time pics of her little girl, I was inspired to capture this precious time.  Because one day I will look back at these moments and wish I’d taken the time to photograph them.  And while my pictures are nowhere near as gorgeous as Kelly‘s…you get the general idea.  Rambo in the tub and Rambo out of the tub…that’s how we roll.  Here’s what our typical bath time looks like:  splashing the water as the tub fills up…stands up in the tub constantly, water in eyes = ouch, towel off….PJ time.



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    Awwww….these are so sweet! I love baby bathtime. I just recently started bathing Caroline and Andrew together and it is craziness! But it’s so fun. I have tones of bath pictures. It’s hard to get the white balance right because there’s usually so little natural light, but these turned out really well!

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    Bathtime can be so much fun! Johannes is such a cutie. Gotta love a baby bum. 🙂 We have that same whale spout cover at our house, too. I started something with my son that may end up creating an over-inflated self-esteem: when he was really little, after his bath I’d hold him in front of the mirror and tell him how handsome he is. Now, when he gets out of the tub he says “Handsome!” so that I’ll prop him up on the edge of the sink. He loves to check himself out in all his nekkid glory and gets really mad if I forget this little post-bath ritual! 🙂

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    so sweet! I love the photos. I have very few photos of Lucia in the bath for the same reason. fear on my part! It’s absolutely her favorite time of the day. She can stay in the water forever if I let her. Now that she’s older I have taken the camera into the bathroom with us. The light is so wonderful in there if you have white tile.
    And btw, we have the same whale! she loves it. x

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    PS–little tip: use a hotshoe flash in the bathroom if you have one and you don’t have enough natural light. chances are your ceiling is white. Aim the flash upward to bounce off the ceiling and it will cast a wonderful light on your subject in the tub.

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    how did i miss this?! oh my goodness, i love these images! it’s so important to capture our little ones enjoying their routines…at some point they won’t need us there to bathe and care for them. we’ll have these pictures to look back on, fondly. xo

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