1. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I felt so overwhelmed by everything when she was first born. I remember the first full night in the hospital and she was in the nursery so we could sleep a little (she was born at 11:49 pm the night before after more than 15 hours of labor!!) and I started crying thinking of her being so far from me. It went on like that for a few weeks. I think it was a combination of baby blue and feeling grateful and feeling scared and nervous and happy. It was a lot to process. And now I find myself feeling sad about the passage of time. It’s not that I don’t love to watch her grow bc of course I do but it all seems to go too fast. It’s not fair. I feel like we just brought her home and now she is feeding herself and telling me what she likes and asking for certain books and toys and getting excited when she sees what’s for dinner.

  2. Bluebird Kisses says

    I feel exactly the same as you. I love watching J grow and develop and I love each of these little stages of his. But I wish that I had more time to enjoy each stage. Time goes too fast…too fast. 🙁

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