Party Planning {The One Week Countdown}

I cannot tell a lie, I am pretty sad these days.  J is turning 1 next week and I am feeling all sorts of emotions, and sadness being one of them.  So in an effort to turn up my spirits I decided to revisit my party planning pinterest board.


As excited as I am for his party, this next week will not be easy, and I’m sure that by next Thursday I will be a complete mess.

But stay tuned for a very special baby J giveaway to be announced next Monday!


  1. Sara K {SaigeWisdom} says

    those mustache cookie topped cupcakes are too cute! I’m super excited for this party of the year celebrating J’s 1st year – thanks for the cyber invite 😉 wouldn’t miss it for the world. Xo

  2. says

    you girls are way to sweet! Sara maybe I should have streamed it live! haha

    Sarah, lol well I don’t think I will be doing that just because I’m SWAMPED! but I was thinking perhaps to sell the invite and party planning package once the party is over, as a printable for people 😀

  3. says

    Isn’t it amazing that you can put an inspiration board together with DIY, sources etc. You look like you have it all together. My baby just turned 13 – a funny year – still a child but not really considered one (especially when they are 4 inches taller than their mother!) – so all I can say is – it’s true time goes by quickly – sometimes too quickly – but it seems to me that you really live in the moment and enjoy each and everyday with your little guy – so look at his birthday as a day to mark all those little moments that I see you celebrate all the time. It’s just a day – but what really matters is all those sweet pictures and moments you take to observe his little naps – enjoy his wandering of the neighbourhood – plan all the little bits and pieces of his healthy meal – I truly believe that it is all those little moments that matter – sorry to ramble ….
    looking forward to seeing all your pictures come together – it will be awesome – I’m sure of it!

  4. says

    Ana I’m beyond excited to see pics from Baby J’s birthday! Aw I know how you feel, time goes way too fast when you have a little one!!! It’s awful 🙁

  5. Victoria Mische says

    Hi there, this is my first time to visit your blog and this mustache straws and cupcakes caught my eyes. They’re sooo cute and you almost don’t want to eat them anymore. 🙂

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