The Colors Project – a mini hint for what’s to come

A month ago I started taking a blogging course, Blogging Your Way, through Decor8.  I want to make this blog something special, to find my key voice and bring it to life.  I want to do more than just post pretty pictures and talk about my mommy experiences.

I want to inspire you.  To build a community and make friends, in addition to sharing my mommy life through pretty pictures {because lets be honest we ALL like to look at pretty pictures right?!}.

After nearly 4 weeks in the BYW course I feel inspired, and excited for the future.  I won’t divulge all future secrets just yet…  but here’s a mini sneak peak for what’s to come.

{my mood board for BYW course}

How does this mood board translate into life?  Colors create an overall feeling, a “mood” so to speak…hence the term “mood board”.  You can use this to inspire an outfit, a decor design, or a DIY project.  Here are some examples below.

{1. un-sourced here,  2.  sofa,  3.  LOVE print,  4.  pink room,  5. emerald dresser,  6.  chair & yarn,  7.  rosette necklace,  8.  raspberries exterior}


  1. says

    I love your mood board. It’s nice to see the pic of Audrey and the little bit of pink scattered throughout. Really inspiring, just like your blog.

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