Christmas Card Photo-Shoot

When I was single I swore that I would never be one of those parents that put together a family photo card and send it out to relatives….but here I am on year two of holiday photos and card making, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a pretty busy weekend looking for houses, doing research on top areas but we did manage to do a little photo shoot of our own for our holiday cards.  We even managed to edit every image and order our holiday cards and photo books, so we feel pretty good about it all.

We decided this year not to do gifts among our extended family.  Michael, Johannes and I will exchange gifts at home but for the rest of the family we will “make” our gifts.  That means anything goes, from baking to crafts.  And I have to be honest, I’m pretty excited about it.

So while I’m not quite ready to share our holiday card with y’all just yet … here are the out-takes.

Now tell me, do you do a yearly photo card?


I am suffering terribly from a case of the “Tuesdays” {formerly known as the “Mondays”}.  We had a great weekend in and out of the city and took advantage of every minute.

Saturday was great.  We walked down to the CNE {Canada’s largest fair, and one of the largest in North America}.  We wanted to take Johannes on a few rides, the petting zoo and have him taste his first ever funnel cake. I love fairs…who doesn’t really?!  The fun rides, the food, the excitement of the fair games with ridiculously large stuffed animals.  You can’t help but smile from ear to ear while you’re there.  So I wanted my boys to get the FULL Toronto experience.

The fair takes place within minutes of our condo, and every night when I tuck J into bed I look out at the pretty lights of the ferris wheel.  Last year J was too little to really enjoy any of it but we though this year was definitely appropriate.  Measuring in just over 33″, J was tall enough to go on a few rides {with accompaniment of course

We decided to go bright and early when the gates opened, so we could avoid the crowds and it paid off.  }. By the time we were ready to head home, the lineups had grown to ridiculous proportions and the summer sun was almost unbearably warm.  I think we definitely timed it just right.  The only thing we would do differently would be to take our stroller.  We thought that it would get in the way and mean we couldn’t go on rides together, but we found that our peanut was not too keen on walking holding hands inside the park grounds.  He wanted to run and explore {alone} and threw tantrum after tantrum if we tried to take his hand or pick him up.  This was definitely a struggle on a few occasions during our visit.

J even got to play a carnival game on his own.  He got to pick 5 duckies out of a floating stream and win himself a little teddy bear.  The downside, of course, he didn’t understand the water stream was not a water table and that once the game was done he couldn’t splush around anymore.  Ah!  Next year will be better I’m sure.

But on the whole we had a blast, and M even won J a colorful parrot.

What was the highlight of your long weekend??


Liberty Village Photo Session

A few weeks back I was asked by my brother and his super lovely girlfriend to take some couple’s photos of them.

Now you all know that I am not now….nor have I ever been a photographer lol.  I mean I just take cute photos of my kid…but that’s because he IS cute so he makes it super easy for me.

Regardless, I did the photos in and around our loft…and I even cracked open the “camera user guide” for the first time ever!!

What do you think?

***have you linked up your photos yet??  If not, you can still do so here.***

Beautiful New Mom Photos

Beautiful photographer and mom-to-be Lora Vertue, owner of Kissed by Light Photo Studio, captured the essence of a new mom.  I can’t quite get over how amazing these photos are…and I hope you love them as much as I do.  The contentment and love between mother and child is unmistakable.

To Be Mom

To be mom {Photography by Kissed by Light Photo Studio}

Monkey See…Monkey Do {An Afternoon}

In the past few weeks I have come to realize that what I do is very VERY  important…because now I have a little baby monkey {baby J} who watches my every move and wants to do what I do. 

Take for instance mine and my husband’s incesent use of our blackberries.  Now baby J wants to always have the phone…because he thinks there’s got to be something pretty cool about it since we use it so much.  Or food!  He watched us so intently during meals and was always grabbing at our foods, that we now have to have all our meals as family meals so that we can ALL eat a little something.

I am determined to be the best role model I can be.  I want to eat healthier, be fitter, run faster, sleep more, read more …and the list goes on and on.  I can only hope that baby J will want to emulate those characteristics he sees in his parents, and therefore become the best person that he can be.

After getting lots of love and squishes from mom and dad baby J decided it was time to play with his FAVORITE TOY…the Blackberry!  {note that we recently found Michael’s old dinosaur of a phone and let him play with that one now, since I’m tired of having random people called and texted intelligible random things} 

I call this series of photos:

The Art of Utilizing Your Blackberry


and just for fun…

Phew…so tired!  HAPPY WEEKEND!