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Gosh what a whirlwind week!  I am exhausted, and although there are still 3 days to go until the weekend, I really feel like this week needs to be over.  On the work front, my day-job is kicking my butt.  As summer holidays have come to an end for most people in the office all our projects are ramping up as well, its fun but definitely challenging as well.  And on the home front we made it through a whole week of Johannes’ new school routine, I made it to a TIFF premier of the Dallas Buyers Club (amazing movie that everyone MUST see), and I even managed to dye my hair…4 weeks too late but better late than never I suppose.  My biggest worry was Johannes, and how he would adapt to his new teachers and cutting back his nap from 2 hours to 1, but as with everything else  it seems I worry for no reason.  Johannes adapted seamlessly to it all, and even started sleeping in past 6am!  yay me!

Here are a few of my favorite bits and pieces of the past few weeks…I’m a little behind.

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garden cucumber organic our delicious summer garden cucumber

baby pony tail his hair is long enough for a pony tail!


nadege cafe toronto desserts the best the best desserts in all of Toronto at Nadege Patisserie

A Tea Party With Ruffles!

Ahhh I just LOVE Rosie’s {Sweetapolita} amazingly decadent desserts.  Their ridiculously lovely petite ruffle cakes, raspberry merigues and fairy cupcakes are just to DIE for!  What sweet SWEET inspiration for a baby shower or birthday party!   I am envisioning images of pink delightful ballerina slippers, satin, tulle and a room filled with white balloons!  Oh-so-perfect!   For all of the fabulous recipes check out the Sweetapolita blog!  Happy planning!

Thank you so much Rosie, for allowing us to share your beautiful creations!

{Photography: Sweetapolita / Petite Ruffle Cakes, Fairy Cupcakes & Raspberry Meringues: Sweetapolita}

Carousel Cake for Baby Naming

If you’re not familiar with Toronto’s Bobbette & Belle artisanal pastries, you should be!  This pastry shop creates the most beautiful cakes, and they taste amazing too.  I was first introduced to Bobbette & Belle by my mom when she ordered my baby shower desserts and favours.  Being the smart lady that she is, my mom booked us in for a cake tasting, and at 7months pregnant that was one of the best days of my life!  Yum!!  If you’re in Toronto’s Queen East area you should drop by their bricks and mortar shop for a cup of coffee and a delicious cupcake, macron or sandwich {or all three if you so wish!}.

Owners and pastry artists, Allyson Meredith and Sarah Bell, created this incredible Vintage Carousel Cake for a fabulous purple and yellow baby naming party, along with all the decadent sweets for the perfect dessert table.  I am so loving the realistic details and delicate intricacies of the cake, it looks too good to eat, doesn’t it?!  The theme, the cake, the cookies, the biscotti and macrons!  Its all oh so PERFECT!

{Photographs courtesy of Bobbette & Belle / Pastries by Bobbette & Belle}

Sweet Jane’s Baby Cakes!

My absolute favorite dessert of all time and the perfect addition to a baby shower are cupcakes!  During the last month of my pregnancy I believe I consumed close to 30lbs worth of cupcakes.  I distinctly remember waking up one morning, having purchased 6 cupcakes the night before, and consuming the entire package in under 10minutes.  But I regress…

I was introduced to Toronto’s Sweet Jane Bakery a few years ago, and had the pleasure of meeting Jane herself on a bachelorette party in Vegas, but this post isn’t about the weekend of debauchery, it is about the lovely and creative cakes that Jane bakes and designs.  Not only are Jane’s cakes and cupcakes amazingly delicious, but they are creative and fun adding the perfect sweet touch to a beautiful baby shower.

The minute I saw these baby cakes I had to share!  How adorable are these guys?!  Jane spared no detail, creating the delicate mini bottles and tiny cookie teddies!  They are almost too sweet to eat!