DIY Children’s Book Case: Pinterest Project

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Pinterest by now….and if you haven’t then you really REALLY need to go check it out!  Its the perfect combination of creativity, internet bookmarking and social media…all rolled up into a super lovely website that you can spend hours upon hours browsing through beautiful photography and amazing designs.

For months now I have been pinning lots and lots of amazing photographs, projects, clothes, loves…you name it and its on my Pinterest page.  Check it out here!

Finally this past weekend I made a decision.  I decided to stop just pinning favorite projects and actually MAKE these projects into a reality.

First thing is first…a children’s book case that baby J will be able to access all on his own once he is a little older {check out my inspiration pin here}.  I want to begin incorporating story time into his night time routine, and I am in love with the idea of having him run to his book case and pick out his favorite books to bring to daddy and I for reading time. 

The key to this project for me was “simplicity”.  I needed something easy for my virgin DIY little hands.  I’ve said before how creatively challenged I am..and I have never made anything for baby J before…until now!

Baby J’s nursery had a big open space beside his crib and in between the closet door.

{nursery before}


  • Ikea spice racks
  • Paint brush
  • White primer paint

{Ikea spice racks, paint brush & primer}


I painted the shelves with white primer paint…just one coat, and let them dry out in the sun {about 1-2hours}. 


 {drying shelves}

We put them up low to the ground so that they would be easily accessible to little hands and little feet.

And voila!


{finished shelves}



{baby J admiring his new shelves}