Johannes and I Run a Race


I feel pretty fortunate that in my 5th month of pregnancy I’m still feeling well enough to be able to run.  When I was pregnant with Johannes, running was out of the question.  The ligament pain was just too much, but this time around I seem to be ok so I’ve steadily been keeping up with my running a couple of times a week.  I also think perhaps because Johannes has always ran with me in the stroller, he is really into running.  He asks to go for a run several times a week, and really loves to jog beside me.  So when the 5km Bum Run for Colon Cancer came up again this year I knew I needed to register us both to run.  We were both really excited and the day didn’t disappoint.  I knew Johannes couldn’t run, or even walk, for 5km straight, so I brought along the running stroller.  We started off at the back of the pack and took it easy, the goal was to have fun and let Johannes experience a race for himself.  There were no time limits or expectations for either of us, other than pure fun.

Johannes did really great.  He ran and walked the first kilometer, then he asked to sit in the stroller while I pushed him for 3km…this is where we made up some time…ha ha.  Then at the last km he asked to get out and run again.  And so my little guy ran/walked for 2km of a 5km race, which I am super impressed and proud of.  He had a great time, loved the cheering, the balloons and the medal at the very end.  And in true racing tradition, we went out for pancake brunch after it was all over.  I can’t wait for next year when we can bring his brother along in the running stroller and likely do the whole thing together.

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The Fight for Health

I’m sitting here pool-side, on our mommy-daddy vacation, reading the new book I picked up on our way down, Wheat Belly, and I just have to write this post.

If you haven’t read Wheat Belly yet, I urge you to pick up or borrow a copy. The message of the book is extremely important for not just weight loss but our family health.

I experienced the effects of a gluten-free diet completely by accident. For the past few years I have struggled to shed weight especially belly weight. I am and have been for years and years a very active person. I run, I go to the gym, I eat a healthy diet. I don’t go to extremes and enjoy a moderate diet of both veggies an the occasional pastry or macaron. Yet despite my 6-7 days of cardio+weights a week and even diet changes I just wasn’t able to shed the weight and worse I seemed to continue to gain belly weight. After giving birth I attributed the belly weight to something normal that happened as a result if being a new mom. But I don’t believe that to be the case any more.

In January I decided to make a change. I eliminated all starchy carbs, which by default included gluten. In addition I minimized the amount of dairy consumed and limited it to a splash of milk in my coffee and a few spoonfuls of fat free Greek yogurt. The results have been astounding. Not only have I lost 11+ lbs but I lost most of it in my belly…2inches to be exact. Yes I exercise too. But I always have and in the the past it wasn’t sufficient to cause me to lose any weight.

In addition to the weight loss I feel amazing. I don’t have cravings which helps me make smart food choices at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I sleep better. My stomach cramps from which I suffered for years have completely disappeared. I am less bloated. I run faster, breathe better and am less irritable. All the while I was aware of these changes but had no insight into the cause.

Wheat Belly is now giving me the answers I have been looking for. The premise is simple, wheat has been genetically modified to make it easier to grow, yet the way that it is processed and absorbed by our bodies is by way of converting it to glucose…sugar. 2 slices of whole wheat bread are the worse for you than munching on a tablespoon of white sugar. Excess sugar in our system is converted to fat…primarily belly fat. Beer belly and wheat belly…same. The book goes into more detail about the really damaging health and neural effects of gluten so I won’t go into detail. If you are interested read the book.

I know that our family’s future will be a gluten free one. What scares me most is the unknown. I feel like I’m constantly fighting a battle for health. Health for my son and my family. I don’t know all. I am afraid of what I don’t know. But all I can do is try to be as informed as possible and follow my gut. In this case my own personal symptoms are enough to convince me. I can’t argue with feeling better.


Resolution No. 4

No more excuses.

Rain.  Snow.  Illness.  Tiredness.  Done and done.

1st 5km run in 3 months….amazingly satisfying and perfect.  And my little training buddy loved it all and giggled just like I remembered.  It felt amazing to be outside even if my sinus infection isn’t completely gone.


A Running-Mommies Date

The Sunday before we left for Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to meet Briana, founder and creator of Bikini Body Mommy.

I met Briana at first through Instagram, and we quickly realized that we have a few things in common….the main two being that we (a)live in the same city and (b)love to run…PERFECT!  I am beyond excited to have another mommy to run with, and one that I hope to persuade to train with me for a marathon this coming spring…yikes!

Briana is inspiring on so many levels and in person she is so sweet and down to earth…and never mind her little cutie.  If J hadn’t passed out during our run we would have loved to snap a pic of the two of them, but maybe next time.

Do you get excited to meet new friends??  I do!



Run Momma Run

I repeat those 3 little words over and over to myself every time I head out for a run, or when I feel unmotivated to go to the gym.  I imagine baby J waiting for me at the finish line of a race, cheering me on just as I am ready to give up from exhaustion.  Those words help push me to new limits.

Its hard to work out on 3-4 hours of sleep…5-6 hours if I’m really lucky, but I want to be around forever.  I can’t turn back time.  I can’t make J any younger.  But I can control how much I do to try and stay as healthy and as physically strong as I possibly can.

You may remember from my earlier posts here and here, that I gained quite a bit with baby J {grrr…mini eggs get me every time}.  And while I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight, I am no where near my goal weight, nor my goal fitness level.  So I run, I strength train, and I try to eat well.  The weight is coming off slowly but surely.

I love running, ALOT.  I missed it whole heartedly while I was pregnant and I’m so excited to be back at it again.  I signed up for two spring races, which is what I’m training for now.  First is the Mississauga Half Marathon, followed the weekend after by the Sporting Life 10k.  And if all goes well, I’m hoping to do two more races in the summer, the Acura 10miler and the Midsummer Night’s 30k run in August.  And maybe, just maybe the Scotiabank Marathon in the fall. 

I am so excited to see Michael and baby J waiting for me at the finish line.  For any runner out there knows just how amazing it is to come around for that last hundred meters…to see the finish line, and then see your loved ones cheering you on from the sidelines.  There’s nothing quite like that exhilirating rush of adrenaline right at the very end.  And I can only imagine how much more amazing it will be to have one of those people be my baby boy.  He truly is my inspiration, my motivation and my breath.

Post Pregnancy Slim Down {Update}

I am afraid to say that its been far too long since I posted an update on my slim down progress.  And my journey has been a bit of a rollercoaster.

I am happy to say that since my last update I have lost another 4lbs, but it was not smooth sailing at all.

My weight fluctuated quite a bit over the last few weeks.  One week it went up 2lbs, the next week it went down 2 lbs, the week after that it stayed the same.  It was a very frustrating time for me, especially when I was very good about both my diet and my workouts.

I really stuck to cardio 5-6 days a week, 2-3 strength workouts with the trainer and by myself a week, 3-4L of water a day and a strict diet…and in the end it paid off.

I’ve had alot of questions asked to me about how I structure my day and where I find time to work at my full time job, workout, blog, cook, and spend time with my family.  So I wanted to give you a snapshot of what my day looks like.  Essentially I sleep about 5 hours a night, I work out on lunch, after baby J falls asleep or with him on my days off.  I blog from about 8pm-12am, or so.  On weekends I do my crafts, baking etc.  I am lucky to have a great support system because otherwise I would not be able to do half of the things that I do.