bassinet setup in the bedroom baby in the parents room

For now our afternoons are quiet and reflective.  After finishing work and picking up Johannes from summer camp I’m usually exhausted and in need of 20minutes of quiet time to lie in bed and let the swelling and aches subside.  Johannes usually reads his books beside me or opts to watch a fishing show.  I’m trying desperately to hold on to these final moments because I know in a just a short time it won’t be just him and I alone after school or camp is over.  It will be three of us.  Each with our own agenda.  Johannes and I have, for the most part, a seamless existence.  We get each other, we know what works and what the routine ought to be.  Soon though we will figure out a new routine, and new needs of a brand new member of the family.  The signs of his imminent arrival are visible all throughout the house.  His room, the car seat, baby toys and now the bassinet that my friend was so kind to lend us for the first little bit.  I have no doubt that once the little one comes he will fit right in.  We will adapt and adjust and I will love every minute of our new version of quiet.

Setting Up the Nursery and Random Thoughts

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In some ways 23 weeks seems like not very far along in a pregnancy, but 23 weeks also means 17 weeks left, and now that seems scary close to me.  The future baby’s room is my current office and Johannes’ old play room.  A whole lot of work needs to be done to make this tiny room liveable.  The number one problem is lack of closet space…I guess 100 years ago people didn’t always need closets?  Johannes demanded that he help his dad set up the crib in his brother’s room a while ago, but now I am also getting to a point where I’d like to de-clutter my basement.  To go through the boxes of clothing and baby items, sort through what to keep and what to give away, and make some sense of what’s to come.  But I want to do that once I have a place to put all the clothing and baby things.  And so Saturday morning Michael and I headed to IKEA.  We had a little lunch and picked out wardrobes from the STUVA line.  I need to add how genius these wardrobes are.  They are a pain in the behind to put together, but they’re so well thought out and the clean design is great!  And so by the end of the day Sunday we had our new baby’s wardrobes in place.  Now I need to accessorize, sort through baby things, dismantle my desktop and desk, bring up the dresser/change table and give it a makeover…and I think I’m all done.  It sounds simpler than it is I have numerous lofty ideas for crafty DIY projects, but its ok, I still have 17 weeks to go.

On a whole different topic I need to admit that I’ve been very stressed and worried about my job situation.  My current contract ends at the end of June, and its a very real possibility that the client may not extend me until the end of August as I would like.  In the long term for me this means I cannot stay home as long as I would like to with my new baby boy, and that stings.  And then this morning I heard the tragic story about a mom, someone I don’t know but we are both moms after all, so we connect on some level.  This mom, this family, tragically lost their little boy to a horrible accident.  In the blink of an eye an entire family, a whole community is changed forever.  I can’t fathom what they’re going through as parents.  The truth is I don’t want to ever know that kind of loss, I don’t know that I’d be strong enough to move forward.  But what I do know is that what matters most, what’s critically important to my every day happiness, is not in any way related to my job.  What is important and truly valuable is my family.  Johannes, this little baby inside me who I don’t know visually but feel so connected to already, my husband, my parents, my brother and everyone else around me who participates in my daily life and who is truly invested in my happiness.  That is what matters.  So what will be will be.

Spaces from Instagram to Reality: Laurenrene93

I couldn’t launch this series without featuring Laurenrene93’s space.  She was the real mastermind behind this series and her son’s room is nothing short of perfect.  There are so many things about this room that I LOVE.  I don’t know where to start.  The striped wall is pretty amazing though no?!

Lauren is an interior designer in Southern California, but her business is on hold on account of two littles who fill her day with laughter and adventure…so evident in her beautiful Instagram photos.  Take a look at her feed, add her to your following and you won’t be disappointed.  And in the meantime…share a peek into her eldest son’s room.

Thank you Lauren for sharing your space and your ideas!

Spaces from Instagram to Reality: MadebyLon

Every day beautiful, creative spaces fill my Instagram feed.  Spaces for children and adults.  Spaces that are lived in and loved.  They always leave me wanting to see more, how about you?

Well the lovely Lauren, of @LaurenRene93 on Instagram suggested that I start a series featuring real spaces as seen through the eyes of Instagram but taken one step farther.  And so here we are!  Full of inspiration and lovely designs of moms and dads just like you and me.


I have been following Madelon {@MadebyLon}’s adventures on Instagram for almost a year now.  She was one of the first people I added to my “following” list and she will stay there until the day I no longer use Instagram {gasp…not any time soon!}.  Madelon‘s style is effortless, whimsical, modern and Scandinavian all in one.  I was very much interested to see more of the beautiful room she created for her son.  Its pretty lovely isn’t it?

You can follow MadebyLon‘s adventures on Instagram {username @madebylon} and as she is ready  to add a new baby to the mix, you can be sure to see some gorgeous inspired photographs coming shortly.

Favorite Five: A Peek Inside J’s Room

If you follow me on Instagram {@bluebirdkisses} then you’re pretty familiar with J’s room already but I wanted to highlight my 5 favorite things about his room.

whimsical pillows on the reading chair {formerly the nursing chair}

new mushroom stool

J’s hand print art from school which I had framed, and his new bonsai tree

vintage framed magnet board displaying little pieces of his life from conception to today {my absolute favorite thing about his room}

and last

toddler room ideas his book bag hook and stuffies box…and orange Magis puppy

“Mellow Yellow” Nursery Inspiration

Did I mention that I’m a contributor to Chic & Cheap Nursery?!  Well I am!  If you want to be inspired for beautiful children’s spaces that is definitely the website you need to be at.

I originally shared this nursery inspiration with the Chic & Cheap Nursery readers, and I think its time I shared with you as well.


Deciding on the perfect nursery pieces for a soon-to-be little guy or girl can be a challenge, especially if you do not have a color scheme in mind.

The best way to start is with a piece of inspiration.  This can be a photo, a piece of furniture, or even a quilt.  Decide which colors attract you and how you can incorporate them into a complete design.

image source here

Yellow based color schemes are lovely and bright.  The color opens up rooms, and creates an inviting atmosphere.  Tie it all in with crisp white furniture and some bold colors such as pinks and blues, and you have the perfect retreat for you and your baby.

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