Letting Him Help

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Johannes wants to help all the time now.  He loves to help with dishes or cooking, especially when I make eggs.  He likes to set the table and help brush the cats.  And since we started putting the nursery together he likes to help with anything to do with his baby brother.  I want him to help, and I want him to keep wanting to help, so I encourage him every chance I get.

Yesterday morning Johannes noticed the change table we had brought up from the basement and wanted to know what it was for.  He was very puzzled about why this change table that serves to help change his baby brother, didn’t have any diapers in it.  So he asked if we could get some diapers.  I figured this was my cue.  I quickly ran into the basement and grabbed a box of size 1 diapers I’d been stockpiling for the fall and let Johannes do whatever he wanted.  And can I say that not only did this activity take long enough to give me time to change and get ready for work, BUT now I also have a neatly filled diaper drawer thanks to my awesome first born.  I can only hope he will still want to help and be a part of daily tasks once his brother actually makes his entrance.

Baby on the Way E-Course for Crafty Mommas

Whether you’re a first time momma to-be, or this is your 2nd or 3rd {or 4th+} time around, and you’re looking for beautiful hand made items on ETSY…this is the course you should be taking!

{photo via Red Velvet Shop}

Rachel Denbow has just launched a new addition to the lovely Red Velvet shop, the Baby on the Way E-Course.  This course will show you how to on 12 handmade projects that can help you set up the perfect baby retreat for your little one!

How cute and adorable is this all?!  I just wish I had been crafty or with it enough to do this for baby J…but I can assure you that for baby #2 I will be the first one enrolled in this course!