What Do We Need for Baby Number Two?

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I’m seriously struggling with this question.  We have all the necessities, crib, change table, some clothes.  But I don’t really know what to expect with two kids.  How much time will I have?  Do I need a swing?  Is a double running stroller required?  and on and on.

What do you guys think?  Any suggestions on must haves for a second baby?  I’d love to hear your experiences and advice!

5 Essentials for Spring


Aritzia denim vest, Stila eye shadow palette, JCrew seersucker hat, Muck Boot Company gardening boots, Indigo flower pillow

This week we finally broke that zero degree mark and all our back yard snow is finally melting so I feel like spring really is going to come this year!  I did have my doubts after all the snow, but it looks like its here and that means gardening, breezy jackets and sunshine.  Being pregnant my spring must haves this year are a little bit different.  I’m focusing on cute accessories, hats, denim pieces, flower decorations, radiant makeup and gardening goodies.

The sweet folks at the Muck Boot Company sent me a couple of samples of their new Breezy Spring line to try out around the yard, and they came at the perfect time.  As the snow is melting fast our front and back yard is covered in mud, dead leaves and garbage from an almost 4 month long winter, ughhh.  Sunday ended up being garden cleanup day so it was the perfect time to try out my new Breezy Mid boots, I was fresh home from yoga so I didn’t have time to change (or put socks on), but to my surprise the boots were both comfortable and warm to wear.  There are no seams on the inside of the boot, which is lined with neoprene, so there was no chafing or rubbing.  And once it got a little hotter in the afternoon I threw on the Breezy Ballet Cool flat instead.

The Muck Boot Company is running a promotion that starts today, April 7 until April 9.  If you comment on one of my Instagram photos featuring either the ballet flat or the mid boot, you can win a pair for yourself!  Its pretty simple to enter, but if you miss it or don’t get selected don’t worry they’re also running a giveaway on the Muck Boots Facebook page April 9-11 where they will be giving away 5 pairs from the Breezy line.

IMG_3311 IMG_3317 IMG_3324

This post was sponsored by the Muck Boot Company.  Thank you so much to all the readers for reading and supporting our sponsors.  And also thank you so so much Muck Boot Company for the super awesome gardening shoes!  They will be put to good use as gardening season is just beginning.

New Mom Must Haves

Being a new mom is tough enough in the first few weeks.  But having the right essentials at hand can help make the transition period a little bit easier.

Here are 5 things every new mom should own for when the little one arrives.

{1.  Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump,  2.  Lansinoh – Lanolin Creme,  3.  My Breast Friend – nursing pillow,  4.  Belly Bandit,  5.  Adan+Anais Swaddle Blankets}

1.  If you’re planning to breastfeed a good electronic breast pump is a MUST!  You should use it after every feeding to express breast milk and help bring up your supply.  Breastmilk is produced based on  “supply-and-demand” but if your little one is restless and refuses to suck for long periods of time, a breast pump will help simulate, what your baby simply does not have the patience to do.  Its a great tool that you will use all the way through your breastfeeding journey.

2.  The Lansinoh creme is amazing!  It was the only creme that helped me heal during the first few weeks of breastfeeding, so I highly recommend you have some on hand…and in your hospital bag.

3.  A good nursing pillow  will save your back and your tired shoulders.  I personally love My Breast Friend.  Its a sturdy pillow with a built in backrest. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and I am still using it now that my son is 6months+

4.  The Belly Bandit is great to have on hand to help keep your post baby belly tight and help recreate your natural shape.  For hundreds of years women all over the world have been using wraps to tighten the newlly flabby belly back into place…this is just the modern and enhanced version of that.  And C-section mamas need not despair…the Belly Bandit works well with C-sections as well.

5.  Adan+Anais swaddle blankets are so lovely and come in really fun prints!  They are great to use for swaddling your baby and help comfort them, but they are also great as burp-cloths, stroller blankets, change pad covers, etc.  We only had a pack of 4 on hand when baby J was born, and we quickly went through all of them in a matter of 24 hours.  Needless to say we now own about a dozen in total.