Pre-school in a Retirement Home

What a genius idea!  In West Seattle, WA, an incredible and unique program brings together the very young with the very old to sing, dance, play, share lunch and more.

Providence Mount St. Vincent nursing home and the Intergenerational Learning Centre share the same building, and the over 400 retirees and pre-schoolers interact throughout the day creating lasting bonds and heartwarming friendships.

I came across this project on social media recently and cannot help but be moved by it. Director, Evan Briggs, started off funding a project to film a documentary about this special program titled “Present Perfect“.  She filmed 3 times a week over the 2012-2013 calendar year.  Through a kickstarter campaign she was able to raise the funds needed to edit the film and hopefully get it out to all of us to watch in the summer of 2016, and I cannot wait!

What do you think about this project?!

Grow Your Instagram & Photography Online Workshop

A new spin on my Classic and Advanced Photography workshops focused on photography and how to grow your Instagram but SPACE IS LIMITED!   The workshop takes place in the BluebirdKisses forum on September 26, its online so anyone AROUND THE WORLD can attend, but it is accessible by password only.  To sign up visit this link.


The workshop takes place in the BluebirdKisses forum on September 26, but it is accessible by password only. I will be posting that day’s material online in the mornings, let you read through it and at a designated time I will be online for one hour to answer questions. You also have the opportunity to meet other members on the forum, and networking is so important. By keeping the workshop in a forum format you all have a chance to get to know one another, and me, ask questions on your time.

You are not obligated to participate at the designated time, the lessons and your access is left up for a month, so if you are away on September 26 you can access the information at any time after and I will log in periodically to answer your questions.

This course is designed to improve your photography editing skills, to teach you how to use your DSLR camera on manual. A second part of the course has been added to help give you the tools to navigate one of the biggest social media apps, Instagram, and to answer any questions you may have on how I personally edit and take photos. There are no guarantees made on numbers etc, but I will teach you all that I know, and the rest is up to you!

behind the scenes with Poster Child Mag

Juan_Neira_Poster_Child 016

When I was in grade 6 I was awkward and learning to transition into teenagehood.  I hadn’t discovered tweezers, I did not know that a Sesame Street teeshirt should not be worn past grade 3!  I remember looking at the little girls in my grade who in my eyes had it all together and daydreamed of a day when I could perhaps model, or have pretty hair.  It sounds so silly now that I’m 32, married and with two little boys around.  But that was me then, so when I met Rebecca Poier, the editor in chief of Poster Child Mag, I was instantly transposed back to that time.  How fun it must be to run a children’s fashion magazine!

Juan_Neira_Poster_Child 001 Juan_Neira_Poster_Child 046 Juan_Neira_Poster_Child 041 Juan_Neira_Poster_Child 021

I decided I needed to dig a little bit deeper and get to know Rebecca more, by the way its her birthday this week!  Here is what she had to share with us!

how did you get started with Poster Child Magazine?
The obsession began when I began working for a children’s publication that was based in Toronto They decided to close their doors at the end of 2012 and I just couldn’t let this mini-fashion thing go! I’d just returned from New York Kids Fashion week and I was enthralled and inspired. So, in February of 2013 I began a kids fashion blog! 
what was your inspiration to start the magazine?
I started the magazine as an off-shoot from the blog. I’m very proud that everything we have done as a publication has been reader driven. People asked if we were going to do editorials – so we started doing them. Readers asked about a holiday style guide – we started producing a online guide. Fans inquired about purchasing the guide in print – we made the leap to a print format. 
walk us through what a typical shoot would entail?
As a publication we are focused on featuring creative contributions from like-minded photographers and their creative teams. But, we do like to put together at least 1 styled editorial for the magazine ourselves with our photographer Mai Tilson. I do quite a bit of prep before hand to ensure our shoot dates play out smoothly. Several weeks in advance I’ll order all the samples and try to pull together the concept using designer look books. Then, as the pieces come in I’ll start preliminary styling and placing together all the looks. So, on the day of we can jump right in!
We usually start our shoot day with big coffees and a little chat with our models and their parents. The vibes at our shoot are SUPER laid back; we always mingle and get everyone comfortable. Then kiddos head to hair and makeup – these folks are SO good with the kids and are big help making them feel at ease on set. We’ll crank up the music, usually we take requests (yes – I have the frozen sound track) and we’ll get dancing. You’ll often find me just outside of the frame dancing along and posing with the kids – I’m sure Mai has to crop me out fairly often.
  Juan_Neira_Poster_Child 012
is it as fun working with children on these features as I imagine it to be?
IT IS! We work with the best kids. I don’t know how we’ve been so lucky, but even our last second, replacement models have been the coolest. Of course, working with children has challenges – you won’t see an adult model break down in tears on set – but overall we have a ton of fun! 
what is the funniest thing that ever happened on a photo shoot?
 Oh man, we laugh a lot! The shoot for the cover of the Summer 2015 issue of Poster Child Magazine was shot at our local farmers market. The kids had so much fun playing at the market and there were just a ton of funny moments! One in particular was trying to get a photo of our little boy model Tyson handing a flower to our little girl model Felicity. The absolute awkwardness of these two kids – they were TOO cute and so funny!
five years from now, where do you see Poster Child Magazine?
We are super excited to be entering major retailers in the US this fall and soon Canada too! We hope that in the next 5 years (hopefully sooner) you’ll see Poster Child on the shelves of Chapters & Indigo and developing our readership in Europe. 

The Poster Child Mag behind the scenes shoot is even cuter in video form!  All the photos in this post were behind the scenes shots taken during their cover shoot, and if you would like your own personal copy of the mag, you can do so here by entering code SUMMER2015 !

Thanks Rebecca for sharing with us!



Photography by One Photography Studio

Small Business Thursday: Mini Mocks

Thursday is upon us, which makes me happy because it means Friday (and therefore Saturday) are just around the corner.

If you don’t yet know Petra Gardefjord, you will soon as she is the incredibly talented designer and maker of Mini Mocks.  Organically made soft leather moccasins in the most beautiful colours and designs.  This Swedish brand is going to be a big BIG deal one day, I just know it.


I have personally followed Petra on social media for some time now, and Magnus is a big fan of her beautiful mocs, but I really wanted to sit down and learn a bit more about this talented mama.  Here is what she had to share:


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family. 

My name is Petra and I’m together with Martin since 5 years. We are still not married but want to one day, no rush… Our children Frank (4) and Liv (2) makes our little family just perfect! We are one happy bunch that likes to play together, riding our bikes, swim, play football or just build some Lego or draw. We live in a flat in Stockholm, Sweden, but would love to move to a bigger one or a house in a few years time.

What sparked the idea for Mini Mocks?

When I was on maternity leave with our daughter I started to find more interest in children’s fashion. She was a very easy baby and so I started to make lots of different clothes and accessories for her and her brother. The moccasins just came to me after having problems with finding shoes for her. She was a little chubby and nothing stayed on. I made my own patterns and made the first pair from an old leather jacket, haha!


What role do your children play in your business?

They are a big part of my business. Liv is my go-to-girl for trying all new Mocks, since she still fits my sizes (largest size is 2-3y). And Frank is constantly bringing new ideas to my head. It’s about colors, stories, things he talks about…

In 5 years, where do you see Mini Mocks?

That is such a difficult question… I have always lived for the day, or maybe the month. And thats how we do it in my family now too! I like the fact that my company is small but still gives me such great opportunities. 
How do you come up with all of your creative designs?
Like I mentioned, my kids give me so many ideas, they really do. But I also like to be inspired by ‘grown-up’ fashion and interior design. 


If you had to pick one holiday to be your favorite, which one would it be?

It has to be the Swedish Midsummer. It’s in the end of June, everyone are happy and we dance a lot and stay up all night celebrating summer and fecundity!

What would people be most surprised to find out about you?

That I have no sewing or design education what so ever, hush don’t tell… :)
Who inspires you?
So many at the moment, the list is just getting longer and longer each day… I love Instagram, I find all my inspiration there. You Ana, is one of them!  (insert me blushing by the way…so humbled to even read this -ana)

What surprised you most about motherhood?

We hear so much, during pregnancy, before pregnancy, but one can never understand the joy it brings, the pure love! 
It has given me a whole new life. It is for sure a new start, a new part.
If you could give one piece of advice to new moms that might want to start a business?
I have thousands of those… but I would say, give it a chance. Give it six month at least. If you really believe in something, and idea, a product, it will work. But you have to give it the time it deserves. It’s that moment, when you decide to give it a go, that’s crucial.
Thank you so much Petra for sharing with me, with us.  The one thing I find so beautiful about Instagram and social media in general, is really getting to meet so many talented women doing amazing things, Petra you’re one of those.
You can follow Petra on Instagram, or see her beautiful mocs on her website (hurry they sell out fast!), and for Canadian & US mamas if you want to find Mini Mocks here in North America, our shop now carries a special collaboration with Petra…you never know, they may just be a part of history one day, because I am convinced this lady is going to be a big BIG deal one day.

My Friday Favorite 5 Links


I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend.  Here are my favorite 5 links from around the web today:

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