Rob Ford Cards Back in Stock + Free Shipping

  rob ford cards

These gems won’t appeal to everyone’s taste, but they have been selling out like crazy none-the-less.  Well we got our little hands working and printed off another batch of cards just in time for the holidays.  Nothing says Happy Holidays like a little bit of politically incorrect humor!  But be warned that these cards are a hot commodity around here so the quantities are limited.  For now they’re available in the Crown Flora brick and mortar shop for $5.95/each or online in the BluebirdKisses Shop for $24 + shipping for a set of 6 (mix and match or single design).  So get them while they’re available because they might not be available for long!  And for the entire month of December I’m offering FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on orders over $70 with code “SANTA” entered at checkout.

rob ford cards free-shipping

Making it Pretty Photography Workshop in December


Hey guys, the Making it Pretty workshop is back on December 7 & 9!!  Everyone loves pretty photos, and if you own a blog or a small business those pictures are more important than ever.  If you’re looking to learn how to take better photos, how to use your DSLR camera functions (beginners welcome), how to edit your photos for your blog posts, then this is your kind of Workshop.  In addition to the Photography topics I am also covering iPhoneography for Instagram specific and Prettying your photos for online use.  Instagram is wildly important to businesses big and small, and knowing how to work with it is the most important topic of all which is why I am adding extra emphasis on it this time around.

The format of the workshop is simple, the workshop takes place in the BluebirdKisses forum, but it is accessible by password only.  I will be posting that day’s material online in the mornings, let you read through it and at a designated time I will be online for one hour to answer questions.  You also have the opportunity to meet other members on the forum, and networking is so important.  By keeping the workshop in a forum format you all have a chance to get to know one another, and me, ask questions on your time.  You are not obligated to participate at the designated time, the lessons and your access is left up for a month, so if you are away during the December 7 & 8 weekend, you can access the information at any time after and I will log in periodically to answer your questions.


So how do you sign up?  Head over to the BluebirdKisses Shop, once you’ve made your purchase I will contact you with the details.  Please note that anyone can join, but that space is limited.

When:    December 7-8

Where:  Online – private sub-forum {by password only}

Who:      Anyone who wants to join.

Cost:      $15

How:  To sign up head to the BluebirdKisses Shop

I cannot wait to meet you guys!

New Prints + Cards in the Shop

  black and white cheers around the world print Modern Cheers Around the World Print

teal cheers around the world print Teal Cheers Around the World Print … plus old-school photo of pregnant me (not for sale that one)

I promised a few of you that I’d have some new colors in the shop and here they are.  Teal and black and white, for the non-pink lovers amongst you.  Remember, the 16×20 prints fit the IKEA RIBBA frame perfectly, which makes it a pretty easy way to update your space.

wreath letterpress card set Wreath Letterpress Card Set

charlie brown christmas tree letterpress card set Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Letterpress Card Set

polar bear letterpress card set Polar Bear Letterpress Card Set

I’ve also added some of the new Dumbo Press holiday card sets.  I can’t believe its already November 11 today, Christmas is speeding along at crazy pace it seems, maybe because I’m pretty busy.  Regardless, its never too early to start thinking about the holidays.  All our holiday cards are blank so you can add your own message, or even include a little photo inside.  Johannes likes the Polar Bear card for ALL occasions, not just Christmas.


HELP me choose a print


I’m thinking of creating my own print to frame and hang over my bar cart.  I looked at pre-made options but the costs end up being too high for something I might tire of within a month or two, so I thought perhaps I should create my own.  The words represent “cheers” in different languages around the world (quite appropriate to place above a boozy cart don’t you think?).  Now the question of the hour is….do I go for simple black?  Or one of the colored options above??  Please make some suggestions since I seem to be a little indecisive.

cheers in different languages black

Moms of Instagram // Sharstinm



Its Tuesday, and this means it is time to introduce you to another inspirational mom, Sharstin (@Sharstinm).  I don’t remember how I came about following Sharstin on Instagram, I think it was through our love for running (although I am a much slower runner than she is).  I love following along on Sharstin’s journey, her beautiful family life in an idyllic setting.  She is so real and down to earth and her photographs inspire me to be more positive, more loving to my son and a better partner overall.  I think you’ll love her as much as I do.  Here’s what she had to share.


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family.
Hi My name is Sharstin-I am in the full time craziness of mommyhood and am also a photog on the side. I live in Utah with my hubs and my littles: Caleb, Zoee, Nora, and Leo.  I am a lover of running, pretty pictures, hummus, NYC, The Beatles, design, people watching, the ocean, a good book, and the Fall.
Describe a typical day/routine?
We are up pretty early around here! I try to get my run or workout in before the kiddos get up on most days. For the littles–breakfast and a cartoon in the AM is the norm. We then have chores and play time. I am that type of personality that I actually need to leave my house everyday–so when chores are done, we will usually go to the park or library–somewhere fun for the kiddos. We run a few errands, and then are usually home for the day, where  it is then quiet time for  naps and a I try to get a few things done. Hubs usually gets home and we have din- and take a walk or play outside until bedtime…



Are there any special traditions, celebrations or customs your family takes part in?
My favorite tradition that we have done as a family is that on Christmas Eve after we have had our dinner and celebrations, we will go to a local diner and get hot chocolate, and then we will leave a big tip (of money that we have saved in a jar) for the waiter or waitress–and we sneak out and try and watch their reaction. It is so fun. 
What would people be most surprised to find out about you?
I am stumped by this! I am a pretty open book-what you see is what you get:)

Favorite pass-time?

I would have to say running. I grew up running with my dad, and my family. We would go do races together, and I even ran my first marathon with my Dad. So many great memories….and I cannot wait to do the same with my kids.
Describe you children’s rooms decorating style?
I like to keep my decor pretty classic and simple with pops of color in pillows-or decor. I love a statement piece–like a cool mirror, or rug, and then I love little sentimental pieces and photos.
What is your favorite room in the house and why?
I love my front living room. I purposely didn’t want to have a TV in this room so it could just be a room where we read, or just talk as a family. It has pretty light, and is just cozy.
How easy  is it to meet other moms in your community?
It is really easy, there are many opportunities with the kids school/preschool, and through church functions.
What surprised you most about motherhood?
I was surprised in how much love you could experience! those little babies are so innocent and so dependent on you–such a huge and rewarding responsibility. 
What’s your philosophy on “eating your vegetables”?
I am a big believer in healthy eating–What has worked out well for us, is that I have introduced the fruit/vegetables early, and have my kids get used to them–so then they actually like the vegetables, and it isn’t a chore to get them to eat them. I also try to make sure that have whole wheat breads and pastas–and then they don’t know the difference.:)
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and who would you bring along?
I would love to travel through Europe–I have never been, and there are so many places I would love to go! Of course I would have to bring my Hubs–and my immediate family–we have so much fun together.
What role does Instagram play in your life?
It is a fun way to keep in contact with friends and family, and also the opportunity to meet new friends and be inspired!

What have you found most surprising about Instagram?

How kind, supportive, and inspiring people are!
Thank you so much Sharstin for sharing a little bit of yourself and your family today.  I absolutely LOVE your yearly Christmas Eve tradition, its so special and amazing.  Your littles will remember that forever, and maybe even carry on the tradition when they in turn have their own littles.  You can find Sharstin on Instagram, her blog and her photography website, she is truly lovely.

Moms of Instagram // Kelly Huljev


Today’s featured mom, in the Moms of Instagram series, is someone I’ve followed and admired since the first days I signed up on Instagram, also our littles are just a few weeks apart!  Kelly Huljev is an incredibly talented photographer who lives in Southern California, but what I love most about Kelly is that she’s real in an unapologetic, strong and confident way.  She shares her life through photos on her personal blog, Our Lovely Lives, a blog that I read religiously.  I have an incredible amount of respect and admiration for Kelly, so I am very excited to have her share a bit more of herself and her beautiful young family with us.  Here’s what she had to share:


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family.
I’m Kelly, my husband is Ivo, and our daughter is Maja. Ivo and I have been together nearly 11 years and married for 3 1/2, Maja is 2 1/2 years old. We live in a coastal town, in Los Angeles, where we both were born and raised. I am a photographer, specializing in weddings and boudoir. Ivo is in sales for a large company but has dreams of starting his own business someday. We dream of moving to a different state and living on a large piece of land, where we can grow our own fruits and veggies.
Describe a typical day/routine?
Ivo leaves for work around 4am which is when I usually wake up and do a majority of my office work. Maja wakes up anywhere between 7:30 and 8:00am, then we’ll eat breakfast and get ready for the day. Twice a week we have art class in the mornings, on off days we’ll usually go for a walk on the beach or head to a park to play. We have some lunch then Maja goes down for her nap. The rest of the day is spent playing and doing chores. Ivo get’s home around 2pm, we usually goof around and play for a while. An early dinner, an evening walk, then early to bed. I love our days. We have structure but our outings vary.
Are there any special traditions, celebrations or customs your family partakes in?
The one that stands out the most would be our Sunday dinners with my family. We look forward to it all week.
What would people be most surprised to find out about you?
Hmm…that’s a tough one.  I would have to say that, as active as I try to be, truly I am a homebody. I get anxious and uncomfortable in really crowded places and would much rather spend my time in the comfort of my own home.  But, I realize that’s not fair to Maja and she needs to experience everything.  She makes me push myself and I am forever grateful for that.
Favorite pass-time?
I love reading! I love taking the time to sit alone, in complete silence, and get lost in a new world.
Describe you children’s rooms decorating style?
We have a little bit of a different bedroom situation. We co-sleep, and not only do we share a bed, but the whole room. We didn’t intend for it to be this way, but it’s what’s worked the best for us. Maja has her own area which I would say is loosely modeled Montessori-style.
What is your favorite room in the house and why?
I would say our bedroom is my favorite place. It’s where we all cuddle and watch movies. And sleep…I love my sleep.
How easy is it to meet other moms in your community?
I’m very fortunate that a majority of my friends have children. That being said, making new friends who have children Maja’s age, has been a little difficult, especially ones with like-minded parenting styles. I’m lucky to have met a few great moms through Instagram, some of whom I’ve met in person!
What surprised you most about motherhood?
How easy it’s been! I remember people warning or “preparing” me of the realities of parenting while I was pregnant, and I haven’t found most of the cautions to be true…yet. Sure, we certainly have hard moments, but it hasn’t been hard by any means. I love being Maja’s mom…she completes me. ;)
What’s your philosophy on “eating your vegetables”?
Fruits and veggies are a HUGE part of our diet. They’re what are given at every meal and it’s not a choice whether Maja eats them or not. We’ve been lucky that she happily obliges.
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and who would you bring along?
Croatia (Ivo is 100% Croatian) and I would bring the three of us, as well as the rest of my family. Ivo’s parents live there 1/2 of every year.
What role does Instagram play in your life?
It’s a really fun way to catch what’s going on in our lives. It’s so fun to look back over the last couple of years and see what was going on. It’s also been a great way to meet people! Like I said before, I’ve met some amazing people.
What have you found most surprising about Instagram?
The community! So many people I’ve followed or who’ve followed me, started out as complete strangers and quickly became people I can go to for parenting, or any kind of, advice. It’s been incredible “meeting” people from all over the country, and all over the world!
Thank you so so much for sharing a little bit of your life with us Kelly!  You can find Kelly on her photography website, her blog or Instagram.
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