May Long Weekend

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Stokke Crusi stroller

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Rufus+Murdog baseball tee

I love the summer.  We have one long weekend almost every month in the summer and this will be our very first summer with Magnus around.  I cannot wait for him to hang around in the back yard with us and to help us garden.  To think that just last year I had a big ol’belly and a kicking little wee Magnus inside me.

This year we decided we want to build a patio.  Well Michael will build it, I will furnish. The past few years we made due with a small picnic bench but its time we joined the rest of the grown up world and graduate to patio furniture.  We are not looking forward to the amount of work this will take, but we cannot wait for coffees on the patio and outdoor lunches.

So last weekend I started the process.  I found two amazing chairs and bought them. I’m not completely sure how I want the patio to look, but its a start nevertheless. The rest of the weekend we spent mainly relaxing, hanging out with our family and friends and making our first of many trips to the outdoor farmers market.  There is one vendor there that has the very very best gluten-free mushroom pie.  Its amazing, hands down best galette I’ve ever had and a staple meal in the summer time.  So if you’re in the neighbourhood, stop by DeFloured and grab one…you will not be sorry.

Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries: Transformation



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I feel so lucky to be included amongst fourteen inspiring mothers as part of the sixth instalment of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries.  Over the course of the next six months I will be documenting my baby-wearing journey with my family by my side here on the blog, each month dedicated to its own special theme.  You can read some of the other entries here. // Here I am wearing the Classic Baby Sling in Ash, one of the slings I personally own and love dearly.



Every spring brings change, life, transformation along with it.  Here in Toronto the Cherry Blossoms typically mark the start of Spring and warmer weather.  They signal to us that ice cream dates and summer camp is just around the corner.

Our neighbourhood comes to life with barbecues and late night meet-ups over wine.  The farmers market springs to action in the outdoor field at Sorauren Park bringing with it live music and little league games.

Spring starts off with a bang in Toronto, and the city transforms as do we.  Year after year we change into new versions of ourselves.

I remember the first year after Michael and I moved back to the East Coast, it feels so recent.  Yet every May as the Cherry Blossoms bloom in High Park I come back to them with new eyes and a different perspective.

The year when I ran through with a big pregnant belly and Johannes chatting away in the running stroller.  Or the one when I walked through the park along hoping to catch a glimpse of the beautiful flowers, only to find the petals on the ground and the trees barren after a wind storm the night before.

Year after year I meet with the blossoms in a different stage of my life, of motherhood.  As a friend, a fiancé, an expectant mom.

This year I came back as a mother of two.  The warm rain caught us as we were walking and we quickly hid under a tree.  Johannes asked me why I wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms, but I didn’t know how to explain it all to him.  How to explain to my four year old that these beautiful trees transform into a brief glimpse of magic and then, pouf, they disappear again just as quickly as they appeared.

How do I explain to him that some of my best memories of motherhood were made under these branches.  Plans, hopes, dreams.

How could I help him see that they were so much more then just flowers on trees in our neighbourhood park?

I didn’t. Couldn’t.

I kept the memories for myself, and showed him the pretty flowers.  Maybe with time he will see their magic too and create his own dreams.




tinycottons found at Rufus+Murdog

I   L O V E   this line.  The softest pima cotton and the sweetest designs.  Vintage inspired in both colour and styles, the line is straight out of Barcelona Spain and gaining momentum.  I couldn’t help myself and stocked up on summer clothes for both boys, especially the tanks and bathing suits.  I mean how could I not!

Pop-Up Shop

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When Nicole and I first opened up Rufus and Murdog we knew we wanted to do a combination of online sales mixed with local Pop-Up shops.  Online sales are tough, you’re relying on social media for people to find you, or paying expensive PR firms to find you press coverage.  We didn’t want to go that route.  We wanted to hold small pop-ups where our followers and customers could come and meet us, see our things and feel comfortable getting to know us.

We wanted to be more than simply faceless names behind a brand.  We wanted to be the brand, approachable, genuine, and relatable.  Two moms with four boys, two husbands and two stuffed dogs.  That’s basically us in a nutshell.

On Saturday we had our chance.  The first Pop-Up for our little shop, and it was such a success.  We had a ton of support.  From our friends at Crown Flora who graciously gave us space in their shop, to talented friends who came to help us set up and merchandise.  Our moms, brothers and sisters who packed orders, held babies and transported pumped breast-milk back home to the fridge.  Our husbands who hauled boxes, brought us coffee and tamed wild kiddos in blazing hot sun.  And finally our oldest boys who were probably the most excited of all to join us at our first pop-up shop and help us sell some goodies.  It was a team effort.

But what made it even more humbling of an experience was meeting some of you.  Some followers of the blog and fans of our shop.  Our friends, new and old who came to say hi and show their support.  Mamas who live in the neighbourhood and others who drove several hours just to come say hi.  Honestly I am so beyond humbled and thankful for you.  All of you.

Nicole and I have this dream of where we would like this shop to go, what we want it to represent and how we want to deliver that dream.  We started with a dream, a tiny budget and an unfinished basement.  I want to remember that forever.

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Another First Mother’s Day


A year ago Michael, Johannes and I spent Mother’s Day together.  Doctor visit in the morning.  Zoo visit in the afternoon.  Me pregnant, loving Magnus so much already but wondering what he would look like, how he would smell, what a family of four would feel like.  It was an amazing day.

This year.  This year though was beyond amazing.  I have my three boys by my side, happy, healthy (more or less), thriving.

We spent our Sunday eating pancakes over hot delicious coffee with our friends.  We took naps, got dressed and headed for my mom and dad’s for the afternoon to spend with the rest of our family.  The sun shone bright and warm for most of the day, feeling so much more like mid July rather than May.

Before we left for my mom’s I heard laughter and giggles coming from Magnus’ room, then silence.  When I peeked around the corner I saw the boys “reading”.  Riffling through books together on the floor.  Side by side.  One big, one small.  I immediately felt a sense of relief.  I know they will be ok.  They have one another, forever, even when I won’t be around.  They will fight no doubt.  But they will be best friends, everything deep down inside tells me so.

Michael went out of his way this year to make this day special.  My first as a mom of two.  I will have many more Mother’s Days no doubt, but there’s only one first, and this one I will treasure forever.

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Rufus and Murdog Pop-Up Shop this Weekend


Tomorrow Nicole and I are packing up and setting up shop at the Crown Flora Spring Market at 1233 Rear Queen St West, Toronto.

It will be our first pop-up shop ever and we really have no idea what to expect.  All we know for certain is that we’re excited to take our online shop on the road, to meet people, to show them our favourite items and have fun.  Its been one month since we opened up shop, so to speak, and there are so many things we are still learning and figuring out.



So if you’re in the neighbourhood, or even if you’re looking for something to do in the city this weekend, pop by the Crown Flora Spring Market and pay Nicole and I a visit, we’ll be the ones with all the kids clothes..wink wink.  At the very least you’ll leave there with a full belly, because my favourite doughnut shop in the city will be setting up a booth, Gloryhole doughnuts..I’m coming for you!

Oh, and did you catch this write up about our little shop in Toronto Life Magazine the other day?!  Swoon…we are feeling so grateful.  xoxo.