Life-n-Reflection Giveaway Winners!

Happy Saturday!!  I’m sure you’re all super busy with just a week until Easter..I know I am.  But I am so very excited to announce this week’s Life-n-Reflection giveaway winners!

Congrats ladies!  Please send me an email at with your email information so I can pass it along to Kristy.

And Kristy thank you so so much for this lovely giveaway, your cards, albums and all other photo products are super gorgeous.  You have a beautiful store.

Please be sure to visit the Life-n-Reflection boutique, there are lots of goodies for everyone!

Have a happy weekend everyone…see you back on Monday!

Spring Essentials for Moms: Brights

I wrote this post a few weeks ago as a guest post on Simply Stylish Mom, and its high time I share it with you too.

As a mom I’m not always up for wearing head to toe trendy dreads, but I do like to spice up my look with one or two top-trending-items of the season.  It makes me feel a pretty and confident when I feel I look good, and fashion for me is one of the top ways I can do that.

Brights are one of this season’s main essentials.  A punchy bag, wow heels or a chic coat are the perfect ways to dress up your mommy outfit to make a statement.

So don’t be afraid to jump right in!  And if you’re really feeling up to the trend-challenge, mix and match a few bright pieces for an ultra-trendy color blocked look.


Toddler Meal Plan and Some Insight

Insight into how crazy life has been lately!

Some of you who follow me on twitter, IG or Facebook know that J was sick last week.  First J broke out in a rash, when I quickly panicked and convinced myself that it was chicken pox….but it turns out it was just heat rash following the crazy shifts in weather we’ve been experiencing.

Then on Wednesday J woke up from his nap with a fever.  Thursday more fever.  Friday morning his fever reached new highs and we promptly took him into the pediatrician.  He had no other symptoms, he wasn’t complaining.  We were stumped.  The doc cleared him of any infection and sent us home with a recommendation to up his dosage.  Apparently most medicine is in relation to the baby’s size and assumes that by 2 years old they should be about 23lbs…well J is 24 lbs and 1 year old and we weren’t giving him enough medicine to bring his fever down….parenting FAIL!

That afternoon however he started sneezing, and got a runny nose.  By night fall he had a full blown cold.  Watery eyes, pain, congestion…you name it.  We were up almost the entire night with the poor guy.  And at 5:30am on Saturday, with a very VERY heavy heart we had to say “bye” and head to the airport for our weekend in Vancouver.

Its funny how babies have a way of knowing when you have something BIG planned, and getting sick right at the appropriate time.

Luckly for us, and J though, he got over his cold super fast…and by Saturday night he was sleeping and breathing better…and by the time we came home on Tuesday he was back to his old crazy energetic self.

Its was hard being away from him in the first place, but being away while I knew he wasn’t feeling well was just awful.  I continued to wake up multiple times a night, checking my phone, messaging my mom for updates and photos.  But I like to think I did reasonably well considering.

So now I’m playing catch-up.  At work, at home and on the blog.  I feel like on the family and work front I am on top.  So now its time to shift the focus back on my health, my running and this blog 🙂  I am pretty excited for this weekend.  There’s lots to do and lots to photograph!

And as always … below is the toddler {no longer baby} meal plan for the upcoming week.  Please note that most meals are actually a reflection of the adult meals M and I will enjoy….only unsalted, less oil and no pepper of course.  I usually use a separate dish to make baby J’s food.

baby meal plan week9

We Missed You Baby-Pinks

You know that feeling when you were little and you KNEW in just moments you were about to arrive at a favorite vacation spot, or get the present you’d been asking for for months?!  Well times that by a million and you might come close to the anticipation and excitement I felt yesterday when I KNEW I was about to hold my baby boy again.

Michael and I took a few days solo…just the two of us over the weekend to celebrate his grandmother’s 90th birthday.

We needed a break, and those couple of days gave us much needed quality time and rest.  We enjoyed our weekend, we ate, we slept, we had fun.  But at the end of the day we missed J so very much.

He is my everything.

The love I feel for this boy is indescribable, never ending and unconditional.

He makes me feel things I never imagined, and I’ve experienced the biggest highs and biggest lows along side him.

Motherhood hasn’t always been rosy.  Sometimes I feel inadequate, worn out, deflated.  But that’s just sometimes…maybe 1% of the time after an exceptionally bad spell.

99% of the time I am on cloud 9.  And still after being a momma for a year + I still get excited to wake up at 5am and give him squishes.  I still cry because I am overwhelmed by the love I feel for J.

I couldn’t wait to hug him, kiss him, breathe in the smell that only my son gives off.

So please excuse my lack of presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  But I am so deeply in love with this little baby-toddler-little boy…and I am taking a little time to relish in his presence.  But I do promise lots and lots of photos to come next week …maybe even of his birthday party!

Sponsor Spotlight

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Green Space: Nursery Inspiration

We have officially entered into spring, and everywhere I look I see green.  Green grass, new leaves, baby buds on trees.  GREEN   GREEN   GREEN.

Beautiful, refreshing, green.  So why not incorporate this freshness into a nursery?!?!   This beautiful, clean color palate is one of my favorites thus far.  Do you agree??

photo source here

Accentuate your nursery with these beautiful finds to match the color palate.

12.   3.   4.   5.   6.