Happy Holidays!! {on vacation!}

I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend with your loved ones…and for those of you taking an extended break this week…ENJOY!

We had a super festive weekend and the party is still continuing into the new year!  I am on holidays this week, spending lots of quality time with my little peanut, so I won’t be posting any new blog posts until after New Year.

If you’d like to follow along and see what I’m up to during my time off you can follow along on Twitter, or on Instagram {user name @bluebirdkisses}.

Black Tie Affair {Fashion Friday}

I can’t quite believe this is my very last post before Christmas! 

This week has been insanely busy around our house, with holiday prep, gift buying, baking, cooking etc…  I am really looking forward to a night on the town tonight to watch my younger cousin perform in the Nutcracker!  We’re leaving baby J with my parents, getting all gussied up and hitting the town in style.

With so many holiday events happening this weekend I thought you all might want a little glam-inspiration.  When in doubt, always opt for the little black dress hanging in your closet.  pair it with some beautiful jewelery, maybe a little fur bolero and you’re golden!

Have a super lovely and amazing holiday weekend!  Happy Holidays!



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Infant Sleep

You know…I never really understood the phrase “sleeping like a baby” when referring to a deep, relaxing….loooong sleep.  For anyone who’s ever had a baby knows…babies sure don’t sleep that much.  Or maybe that’s just my little monster?

A few months ago I tried weaning baby J off the 2am feed.  The feed went away, but the sleep didn’t improve much.  After weeks and weeks of unsuccessfully fighting to try and help my son sleep through the night, I gave up and decided to just go with the flow.  Throw caution into the wind, because surely he won’t be a 20 year old still waking up for snuggles and “milky-milk” at 2am.

Baby J fell into his own sleep routine, and it goes something like this:

7:30pm – asleep

11pm – whimper – mom and/or dad rush in to throw the soother back in his mouth.

12am – whimper – repeat the 11pm step.

{if we are really unlucky he will also be restless between 12-1am…resulting in spending an hour plus hovering over his crib rubbing his forehead}

2am – whimper – see above

somewhere between 4-5am wake-up and nurse

5:30am wake up – stand up in the crib and cry until mom runs in to pick baby up, carry him back to her bed, prop him in between mommy and daddy and try to fall asleep again.

5:45am – baby J puts his head on my chest and falls asleep until 6:30-7am

Recently however, baby J has changed yet again.  He’s refusing to nurse, is doing what I’m assuming to be self-weaning, and last night he actually slept straight through and missed waking up for his usual 5am feed.  I was HEARTBROKEN!   You think I would have been happy with a full night’s sleep, but I wasn’t.

So what have I learned over the past few months??  Quite a few things actually!

  1. Babies have their own plan, you can try and designate a new pattern of sleep for your little one, and it might or might not work for you.
  2. Sometimes its best just to go with the flow.  Let go of the frustration and the exhaustion and just try to enjoy the moments for what they are – ‘temporary’.
  3. Nursing at night isn’t the worst thing in the world!  Having your baby want comfort and warmth from their momma is amazing and sweet, and really should be embraced because its beautiful and natural.
  4. The 5:30am snuggle session is my favorite time of the day…hands down.  M and I didn’t co-sleep but I can see why momma’s and babies love it.
  5. I am way more attached to breastfeeding than I realized I was.
  6. And lastly….sometimes you get what you wish for and realize its not really what you wanted at all.

Am I crazy?  Or have you experienced something similar?  I’d love to hear your stories.

infant sleep For a few weeks I’ve been taking a nightly photo of baby J before I go to sleep {or the one where we were snuggling at 6am}.  So here are some highlights.

Oh…and the days when he REALLY does not want to get up with mom and dad…he takes over our whole bed. {and yes, I still sleep with a stuffed animal – massive confession}

Simple Rose Centerpiece

I styled this simple centerpiece for a family dinner over the weekend, with just simple white roses, in a thrifted milk decanter {or what I assume to be a milk decanter…does that even exist?}.  I love the simplicity of it, and the clean ambiance it creates to give the main course center stage!

My Wednesday Favorites

Gosh, I can’t believe another week has passed since I last posted my favorites of the week!!  I actually had a really tough time picking my faves this time around…there were THAT many!

I actually thought about doing a double favorites post today, but I am super tired.  I just came back from a really amazing evening with a lovely mommy friend {hi Sarah 🙂 } and I am hearing my sweet, soft bed calling my name!

Also, baby J has been sleeping really terribly for weeks and weeks now.  I don’t know if its teeth, growth spurt or what…but he wakes up very often, resulting in a grand total of about 5 hours of interrupted sleep for me per night.  I will post more on that later along with some new breastfeeding challenges.

For today, I hope you’re all having a super fantastic week leading up to Christmas!!  I know I am really enjoying this very special time.

Happy Wednesday!

{vintage cork art my grandfather received as a gift}

{baby J’s crib at my parents’ house complete with the quilt I purchased while on vacation last year..when I thought he was going to be a girl}

{new gel food colors I plan to experiment with}

{favorite must haves….watch, gloss, eye pillow}

{baby J and great-grandma’s pajama party}

Our Play and Pizza Date

You might {or might not…if you’re new around here} remember our super fun first play date back in October with Andrea and Randalin.  Well although we tried to plan a second get together many times since, something always got in the way….namely baby colds.

Finally last week we had our play date number 2, over a delicious pizza and salad lunch {pizza being my all time favorite food}.

While Randalin and baby Kale weren’t able to attend this time, we got to meet Kate from Momma Confessions and her sweet little girls!  And ever lovely Maaike from creJJtion came over as well!

I really have to say that can’t believe how many amazing new friends I’ve made through this whole blogging business.  Its been so very fun and I feel so fortunate.

Unlike the last time we got together, baby J was now actually able to stand and crawl… and I think maybe he has a mini crush on Bresho.  He was definitely interested in everything he was doing.

{Andrea showing baby J how to press the button}

{trying to get the kiddos to pose for pics together was definitely a challenge…so individual ones it is}

{super cute Annika}

When Maaike came over, Bresho immediately gave her a hug…so cute!  Baby J on the other had was a much harder nut to crack, we’re going through a stranger anxiety phase…which hopefully will pass quickly.

Isn’t Bresho the cutest kid ever?!

Thanks Andrea for having us over again!!  Can’t wait to do it again soon!

**And just a quick note.  Being the Holidays and all…I won’t be blogging nearly as much over the next two weeks.  It doesn’t mean I won’t post, it just might not be the usual 2 posts a day.  I will be focusing on baby J’s first ever Christmas, and lots of family time.  But I promise to be back in full swing again in January!**