Bubblegum & Soda Birthday Party

As I was searching through countless beautiful photos on Pinterest, I came across this LOVELY bubblegum and soda birthday party by Leanne of  Mrs. A in the Cove.  Who doesn’t love bubblegum and soda?!  As a kid, they were 2 of my absolute favorite things! 

The party inspiration came from the bon bon lollies that Leanne wished to add to the dessert table, and the beautiful party invitation which included an old fashioned gumball machine.  The dessert table is just incredible, with pink cookie pops, soda and gumball shaped cookies, marshmallow pops, caramel corn in lovely little cones and fairy floss, Leanne thought of everything!  The most amazingly-lovely {I know this is not proper grammar!} piece was the gumball machine cake created by Jackie from Blissfully Sweet.  I actually had to do a double take to actually see that what I originally thought was a cute decoration piece was actually a real CAKE!  Amazing!  

I just love love LOVE!! this party, so sweet and beautiful, perfect for a little princess!

Thank you Leanne for sharing your beautiful work!

{Party design and Photography:  Mrs. A in the Cove}

ETSY Find of the Week!

I have seriously fallen in love with the Moxie and Mischief Kids on Etsy.  Not only is the name totally utterly adorable, but the delicate little headbands and bright vintage-inspired building blocks are totally must have accessories!  Since I can’t dress up baby-J with pretty feathered headbands, I think I will have to order him some custom blocks instead!  What a super great idea for the little munchkins or for a baby shower!!  LOVE LOVE!!!

{Blue Glower and Feather Headband}

{Sophia Dot Blocks}

{Little Red Feather Infant Headband}

Baby Food {Carrot Puree}

I was really excited to start using my Beaba Babycook this weekend, so I decided to make baby-J some delicious organic carrot puree…yum!!  The process of actually making the puree was really simple:

  • buy organic carrots
  • wash, peel and dice carrots
  • add water to the steaming compartment of the Beaba babycook


  • add diced carrots to the steaming bowl
  • turn on the baby cook  {carrots are steam cooked when the light on the cook goes off}
  • add steamed carrots to the water in the mixing bowl
  • turn on the blender…and PRESTO! 

Perfect organic baby food!  It was all so easy, less than 15min for the whole process.  I love that I can reuse the water from steaming to actually blend the puree together and keeping all the vitamins in the baby food.  From 3 carrots I was able to get 2 125ml canning jars of puree, which will last about 2 days.

Now came the real test!  Seeing if baby-J would love his carrot puree…..  um not so much.  He was NOT IMPRESSED with the food at all, and actually made gagging noises at me before proceeding to spit out all the food.  I didn’t give up though! 

The next day in an effort to make his delish new food taste better I added a bit of breastmilk to the mix and tried this new concoction {which works perfectly for some babies}…but baby-J wouldn’t be fooled.  He refuses the carrots, as soon as he sees orange on the spoon he just gets angry.  I will try to give it to him again little by little over this next week, hoping he can develop a palate for it.  Wish me LUCK!

Rainbow Bright Party Inspiration

Ok, so who doesn’t LOVE RAINBOWS?!  They are just so pretty and bright!  Rainbows make me smile every time I see one, and I think they are the PERFECT INSPIRATION for a children’s birthday party or baby shower. 

There are so many great things you can do with this theme:  delightfully colored desserts, beautiful fresh balloons, pom-poms of every color…. the list is never ending!  I’ve put together a little inspiration board for you, full of decadent desserts and lovely decorations!  Delish!  {check out the links to all the yummy treat-recipes!}

{Kara’s Party Ideas  /  Ruby Boutique Cake Files-Multi Layer Cake  /  One Charming Party:  Rainbow Cake  /  Raspberri Cupcakes:  (Double) Rainbow Malt Cake  /  Glorious Treats:  Taste The Rainbow Jello  /  Raspberri Cupcakes:  Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats  }

Advice From A Caterpillar Shopping Trip

This coming Friday, my husband, baby-J and I are flying to Valencia, Spain for my sister-in-law’s wedding.  We all have our nice new wedding outfits bought and steamed, except for baby-J.  So this past Saturday we made a quick trip to Advice From A Caterpillar, a super lovely children’s boutique that carries some of the most luxurious and beautiful kids clothing.  If you’re ever in Toronto please check out their store, it really is like walking into a fairy-tale.  With its crisp white walls, large luminous windows and intoxicating spring flower scent, it is one of the most pleasurable baby-shopping experiences my husband and I have had.

The best part of our shopping trip was that we found baby-J the PERFECT wedding outfit!  A super sweet BONTON striped romper!  We paired it with a breezy Eliane et Lena dress shirt and I think it will be LOVELY with the paisley red bow-tie we got for him a few months ago!

Of course, being the shopaholic that I am, I could not simply leave the store with just the 2 pieces!  I felt like baby-J would need a soft and comfy travel outfit {if I have my travel outfit, then it is only fitting that he have his}, so I settled on a TANE Organics romper {oh-so-lovely!} and a MAKIE cotton sleeveless onsie!  Eeek I am just so excited for all of baby-J’s clothes!  They are so amazing, and I really had a tough time picking just a few items.  I might have to make a return trip very soon for the fall/winter collections!

{TANE Organics romper / BONTON romper  /  baby J wondering why mommy is taking so many pictures  /  wedding outfit  /  snuggles with momma after photo-shoot in his new TANE Organics romper}

APGAR Test At Birth May Predict School Success

{Photo via TLC Parentables}

A Swedish Study of 877,000 children, published in the journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, showed some interesting findings.  “Newborns with Apgar scores less than 7 at 5 minutes after birth showed a significantly increased risk of never receiving graduation grades, presumably because they went to special schools because of cognitive impairment or other special educational needs.” {according to the study}

“It is not the Apgar score in itself that leads to lower cognitive abilities,” said study author Dr. Andrea Stuart, an obstetrician at Central Hospital in Helsingborg, Sweden. “It is the reasons leading to a low Apgar score  [including asphyxiation, preterm delivery, maternal drug use, infections] that might have an impact on future brain function.”

You can read the entire study here.

For a summary of the study as interpreted by MSNBC, you can read the article here.