Family Photos with Beautiful Baby Kai

I am so excited to share these newborn baby photos by the talented Melissa GidneyBaby Kai is one of the sweetest most alert babies I have ever seen.  I love how his mama holds him tight and how happy the family looks together.   His little smile just melts my heart and who doesn’t love perfect little baby feet!  I especially love that Kai isn’t wearing much more than a diaper, sometimes I think baby photos are much more lovely and precious when they are not over-powered by elaborate outfits.  Babies are perfect just how they are so we should embrace that.

Photography by Melissa Gidney Photography

Tall Dad

When most people see a tall man walking down the street, generally the first question that comes to mind is: I wonder how tall he is.  The first assumption: I bet he plays basketball.  The second, he’s probably really great at picking apples and changing lighbulbs.

Being a tall person myself, I can attest that height related challenges can occasionally present themselves. With that said, I never anticipated my first such issue as a dad, the day my wife and I went stroller shopping.

Stroller shopping…HA! How hard could it be?  Big enough for an infant? Great… SOLD!.

Wrong.  Apparently buying a stroller is like buying a car, or at least it felt like it. For the most part this is an everyday vehicle that you are going to be driving for the next few years so it better handle like an F1 race car.

For tall dads, two simple words of advice: adjustable handle.  Unless you want to be that dad who is hunched over his kids stroller and angry at the world, an adjustable handle is a must. I was fortunate to get this tip from a fellow tall dad who, like many other dads only realized the mistake once it was too late.

What I found even more surprising was how few strollers actually had this feature.  In our case, our research had us going with the Bugaboo brand.  Bugaboo Frog… No dice, thankfully the Bugaboo Cameleon did.

Next up was the baby carrier.  My wife came home with a HUGE smile on her face and a box in hand.  The baby carrier she had purchased a week earlier had finally arrived.  She tried it on first, fit like a glove.  Dad’s turn.  With straps fully let down, fit nicely. I went to clip the waist belt and… “you’re kidding me”!  What I was supposed to fasten around my waist, was hugging my naval.  I tried desperately not to show my disappointment but failed miserably when I opened my mouth and said “this looks ridiculous, I can’t use this”.

Solution: Dad’s with longer upper bodies should choose a carrier with shoulder straps only.  A lesson I learned the expensive way.

Never forget that what might work for mom, could possibly not work for dad.  Good luck dads and GODSPEED.

– dad

Real Nursery: Bright & Modern Nursery

I am so incredibly excited for today’s nursery post!  Nicole did such a beautiful job on her baby girl’s room, pulling inspiration from everywhere, she created a perfect retreat!  I could go on and on about this fantastic room but I will let Nicole and her photos speak for themselves!  Oh and did I mention Nicole is a fabulous photographer in addition to being an amazing decorator?!  Check out her photography page for more!

Nicole writes:  “I took inspiration from everywhere.  I wanted something fun and girly with modern and vintage accents without a real “theme” I wanted items that could transition from baby to toddler and one day pre-teen and teen. I wanted spend as little as possible without looking cheap and buy items that would last a long time! I was inspired by colors of spring and summer aqua water, pink flowers, and yummy yellow golden summer light.

The swing shelves were a DIY project, I spray painted the crib yellow.  the crib bedding, pillows, and curtains are also custom designed and handmade!

The biggest challenge I had was knowing when to stop! 🙂 I didn’t want the room to look too empty or too busy! 🙂

My favorite thing in the room is the crib and the vinyl on the ceiling! Oh and the swing shelves 🙂

My advice is to take your time and always be on the look out for items! Go with your gut and think outside the box! See something you like? Put your own spin on it! Take inspiration from everywhere! Outside, catalogs like Anthropologie and Ruche, and people in your lives! Take your time! Look for items to add from everywhere! Flea markets, yard sales, boutique stores, and stuff from around your house that can be uplifted!

I am due August 24th… Sure wouldn’t mind if she appeared a little sooner though 🙂


Curtains and yellow damask pillow: This Little Home

Pink and teal flower pillow and Owl Pillow: Perfect Chance Memories

Custom Crib Bedding: PLJ Design

Vinyl Flowers I used on the ceiling: Urban Walls

Frame: The Organic Bloom

(I sell them through my photography business. email me:

Jewelry holder used for pacifiers: Urban Outfitters

Swing Shelves: DIY my own idea

Soda Crate/Shutter/books: Vintage Flea Market Finds

Mirror/trashcan: Homegoods

Rug: Ikea”

Reflections of Motherhood: The Carrier

There’s nothing quite as intoxicating as new baby smell, and when its your own little boy or girl its even that much more priceless.  From the moment that Johannes was born I just could not get enough of his baby cuddles and baby kisses.  To me he is the most precious thing in the whole world, so this post is a bit different than my usual nursery inspiration posts, or product reviews.  This post is a little bit about me, a little bit about my son and a lot about how much I love him.

Just days after discovering that I was pregnant with my son, Babysteals had a sale on the Organic Ergo Baby Carriers so I quickly snatched one up (ok so maybe it does involve one product…but really it could have been any carrier).  The carrier was the first thing that I purchased for him, and it has now become my absolute favourite baby item.  Why is it my favourite, you might ask?  Well, I can’t quite describe the feeling of having your baby pressed up against you for hours at a time.  Constantly smelling their sweet baby smell.  Being able to stroke and play with their little hands and feet as you stroll along the park.  Or having your little one lean back, look you in the face and give you a big smile. If you’re a mom and you’ve carried your little one like this, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I did not have the most enjoyable pregnancy by any means, it was especially tough for me at the end.  However, sometimes I can’t help but feel a longing to have him with me all day, every day, anywhere.  I can’t help but miss his little karate kicks to the ribs, or the baby hiccups at night keeping me awake.  He was a part of me for so long and secretly sometimes I really miss it. 

Baby J is now 3 and a half months old and I find myself using any excuse I can find to carry him in his carrier for our evening family walks, or quick trip to the corner store. 

I love the way the warmth and rhythmic movement of his breathing against my belly reminds me of the days when I was pregnant. 

I love the way he uses his hands to grab on tight to my shirt. 

I love the way his little feet dangle at my sides.

I love that I can hug him tight at any moment and kiss his sweet little head.

I love that I can play with his hair and wipe the little beads of sweat off his upturned nose, on a hot summer day.

I especially love that he loves this just as much as I do.

I know that my son won’t always want me to kiss and squeeze him tightly.  As he will grow older he will want his independence and his space.  I just don’t think I’m ready for that time just yet.  So for now I will continue to use every excuse in the book to cuddle and hold him.  I will continue to strap him onto my chest for as long as I can, because these precious moments go by so quickly and I wish to make the most out of every day, every minute and every second I have to spend with him.

My Baby Boy’s Newborn Shoot

Before I feature any more newborn baby photo shoots, I really had to post my own adorable son, Johannes.  From the moment that I saw his sweet face this little person had me wrapped around his little finger.  I never knew that I could love someone so much so quickly.  Being a mom is just the most amazing thing in the whole world, so of course I want to share these with everyone!

These beautiful photos were taken by Sarah Guy from Labour of Love Photography, when Johannes was just 6 days old.  He was a little fussy-pants all day, constantly wanting to nurse, not interested in napping at all, and super whiny.  Sarah was amazingly patient, and snapped pictures even when we didn’t realize she was taking them.  I love that the pictures capture Johannes just the way he was then, and I would venture to say, is still like today, alert and curious…with mini bouts of sleepy loveliness.  My absolute favorite time in the whole world is having Johannes snuggled up against me and smelling that intoxicating sweet new baby smell.  There’s just nothing quite like it.

Photography by Labour of Love Photo

Sweet Jane’s Baby Cakes!

My absolute favorite dessert of all time and the perfect addition to a baby shower are cupcakes!  During the last month of my pregnancy I believe I consumed close to 30lbs worth of cupcakes.  I distinctly remember waking up one morning, having purchased 6 cupcakes the night before, and consuming the entire package in under 10minutes.  But I regress…

I was introduced to Toronto’s Sweet Jane Bakery a few years ago, and had the pleasure of meeting Jane herself on a bachelorette party in Vegas, but this post isn’t about the weekend of debauchery, it is about the lovely and creative cakes that Jane bakes and designs.  Not only are Jane’s cakes and cupcakes amazingly delicious, but they are creative and fun adding the perfect sweet touch to a beautiful baby shower.

The minute I saw these baby cakes I had to share!  How adorable are these guys?!  Jane spared no detail, creating the delicate mini bottles and tiny cookie teddies!  They are almost too sweet to eat!