We Have SHOES and a WINNER!


Back-to-School shopping is my FAVOURITE time of year, maybe its because its Fall or because the weather changes so drastically. I never feel much like Spring is the start of anything new.  Fall, back-to-school, boot weather, that is the real change for me.  I can smell it coming and it makes me giddy for what is around the corner.  Pumpkin pie and walking on crunchy leaves.  Snow and Santa.

the-shoe-company-back-to-school-shoes the-shoe-company-BOGO the-shoe-company the-shoe-company-black-shoes-bogo the-shoe-company-best-place-to-get-shoes

This year is even more special heading into Johannes’ first year of Kindergarten.  His uniform will be all ready for him and picked out, his shoes will be clean and new.  He’ll have his big-boy back pack and a lunch box.  Cue tears.

Last week we took him shoe shopping.  We made it fun, left Magnus with my parents and took him to The Shoe Company by their house to pick up a pair of indoor and a pair of outdoor shoes for his uniform.  No sooner had we entered the store when Johannes bee-lined it for a pair of Spiderman Lightup shoes.  I’m not sure why I was surprised, he is a kid after all.  What I was super happy to see was what an awesome selection of velcro shoes they had!  For every pair of lace-up shoes, there was an exact pair with velcro for the little guys who don’t quite get the loops and knots concept.

We had a lot of fun and our shopping trip was successful.  I feel like we’re constantly buying him new shoes throughout the year since he grows so quickly, so affordability was really important to us.  The Shoe Company is still having their BOGO event, when you purchase one pair you get the second for 25% off, so we were able to give in to ALL of his wants this time around.

the-shoe-company-spiderman the-shoe-company-shoe-shopping the-shoe-company-nike-shoes the-shoe-company-black-shoes the-shoe-company-uniform


Two weeks to go! Next up….uniform pants, shirts, socks and sweaters!

Oh and of course, the winner!  Nicola Zacheja Congratulations!!!!

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Green Matcha Breakfast Smoothie Recipe


Weekday mornings are a filled with chaos and rushed breakfasts. Its been one year and I still cannot get a perfect hold on how to get myself and the boys fed and out the door for school, activities and work.  Its impossible.  Either we all eat a cold breakfast (cereal) or we don’t make it anywhere on time.  Chaos is actually a nice way to describe mornings around here.

So I had a thought, maybe I make a smoothie for myself…a healthy one, that way I can drink my breakfast while feeding the boys and cleaning up.  And it works!

I’m planning on experimenting with a few more recipes and I will share them as they come to me, but for now here is my go-to Green Matcha Breakfast Smoothie Recipe.



1 cup almond milk

1/2 cup of ice

1/2 frozen banana

1 tsp hemp seeds

1 tsp chia seeds

1 tbsp natural almond butter

2 cups baby spinach

1/2 tsp green matcha powder

1 scoop of vegan protein powder (optional)

Blend.  Mix.  Pour. Drink.  Et voila! breakfast.


Grow Your Instagram & Photography Online Workshop

A new spin on my Classic and Advanced Photography workshops focused on photography and how to grow your Instagram but SPACE IS LIMITED!   The workshop takes place in the BluebirdKisses forum on September 26, its online so anyone AROUND THE WORLD can attend, but it is accessible by password only.  To sign up visit this link.


The workshop takes place in the BluebirdKisses forum on September 26, but it is accessible by password only. I will be posting that day’s material online in the mornings, let you read through it and at a designated time I will be online for one hour to answer questions. You also have the opportunity to meet other members on the forum, and networking is so important. By keeping the workshop in a forum format you all have a chance to get to know one another, and me, ask questions on your time.

You are not obligated to participate at the designated time, the lessons and your access is left up for a month, so if you are away on September 26 you can access the information at any time after and I will log in periodically to answer your questions.

This course is designed to improve your photography editing skills, to teach you how to use your DSLR camera on manual. A second part of the course has been added to help give you the tools to navigate one of the biggest social media apps, Instagram, and to answer any questions you may have on how I personally edit and take photos. There are no guarantees made on numbers etc, but I will teach you all that I know, and the rest is up to you!

Easy Zucchini Fritters


We are on a zucchini binge, mainly on account of the four zucchini plants we have taking over our garden, but also because they’re just so darned tasty!

I hadn’t tried zucchini fritters yet, so I gave them a whirl this weekend.

They’re pretty easy to make, they taste divine and the kids LOVE them!


IMG_8844 zucchini-fritters IMG_8829


4 small zucchinis washed and grated – peel on – (or in my case one giant 3lb zucchini)

1 small onion peeled and grated

2 small garlic cloves – crushed

2 tbsp dill

2 eggs beaten

1 cup Italian bread crumbs (might need a little more so have it on hand)

salt and pepper to taste

a cheese cloth

olive oil (spray or about 2 tsp)


Preheat the oven to 425 degrees farenheight.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spray or coat with olive oil.

Once you’ve grated the zucchini, toss it with salt and set aside for about 15minutes to let the water out.  Then take the water out of the zucchini bits.  The easiest way is to put all the zucchini into a cheese cloth and twist it out until its dry, but incase you don’t have one, you can use your hands to squeeze water out little bit by little bit and lay the zucchini “meat” on a paper towel.  Once its all dry toss it in a large bowl with the eggs, garlic, onion, dill, salt and pepper and bread crumbs.  The mixture should be well coated and kind of sticky, if its runny add more breadcrumbs.  

Then roll into even balls, line them up on the baking sheet, and press down with a fork to form a “pancake”.  Bake in the oven for 10minutes, then take the tray out, turn the fritters and bake again for another 10minutes.  They should be a nice golden brown on both sides.


Little Steps


Oh there is nothing sweeter than those first wobbly unassisted steps.  A little drunken bear impersonation.  Fat little feet slamming hard against the floor.  Unless you’re completely and utterly not ready for it!

Magnus surprised me something fierce today.  We were visiting with our friends next door for a wee little birthday party.  The babe had been happily navigating himself around the couches, chairs and visitors when all of a sudden he reached out for me, let go of the side of the couch and took 2 unassisted steps towards me.  And then later, he did it AGAIN, and AGAIN!

Woah! Woah there little buddy!  We are SO NOT ready for this just yet!  And by “we” I mean ME!  ME, I’m not ready!  Weren’t you just in my belly?!

I want to carry him around a little longer before I have to hear screaming each time I won’t let him run into oncoming traffic.

IMG_8320 IMG_8315

I’m guesstimating here, but I think I have another 2 weeks maybe of handholding walks before we’re sprinting down freeways and jumping off cliffs.

I am trying to make light of the situation, but there is no avoiding it, Magnus is turning ONE in two weeks.  The day right before Johannes starts Jr. Kindergarten, how’s that for a tear filled week?
IMG_8327 IMG_8333 IMG_8331

Back to School Shoes & a $250 GIVEAWAY

IMG_8560 IMG_8559

Its August, well the middle of August, to be exact.  In less than four weeks Johannes will be starting kindergarten and it truly did sneak up on me.  I am most certainly not prepared, both in respect to all the things he will need to head back into the classroom, or emotionally when I think that his Montessori days are past us and he is now transitioning to a real school….a BIG school.

Johannes will be going to a Catholic Elementary school and he has to wear a uniform.  He’s outgrown every shoe, every white shirt, every pant and sweater from last year.  He also needs a backpack, binders, pencils (not ones he knows how to actually use), shoes the complete works.  We don’t want to take away any of the fun of summer but we also know we need to get ready for school in September, so we are hoping to break the tasks down into manageable short one-stop-shop trips and make it really fun for Johannes so he can feel excited for what’s to come.

silly IMG_8589

This weekend we are tackling the search for shoes.  He needs two pairs, indoor and outdoor.  Black for indoor, and comfortable running shoes for outdoors.  Our personal requirement is velcro since he hasn’t quite mastered the laces yet (if any of you have tips on how to teach a child to tie his or her shoes please tell me!).


We partnered with The Shoe Company during their BOGO event so we will be visiting one of their many locations on Sunday.  The store has a great selection of both uniform shoes and athletic shoes so it will be a one-stop-shop for us, followed by a restaurant date.  Fun side note, I’ll be taking Johannes to the same store and location my mom took me when I was headed to high school and needed black dress shoes! The Shoe Company is offering a Canada wide BOGO promotion – buy one get a second pair for 25% off – from today, August 13 to September 13 to get the kiddos back to school in style!

IMG_8567 IMG_8562 IMG_8566 IMG_8595

So to kickoff the event The Shoe Company and I are giving away a $250 to get your littles ready for school.  The contest is open to Canadian residents only this time and runs from now until August 27th, when I will announce the winner on the blog.  For complete Rules & Regulations please read this.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post was created in partnership with The Shoe Company. As always thank you for supporting our sponsors who make this blog possible.