On Motherhood: Advocate

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Over the last few months I learned a valuable lesson on motherhood.  We are our children’s biggest advocate for everything from health, to education, to daily tasks.  The world is a maze, specialists are busy, we have to be our children’s voice and in some cases we have to fight their battles.

Sometimes the answers are not clear.  When our children get sick and diagnosis is not immediately determined, we have to fight our way through it.  Its hard.  Its exhausting.  Frustrating, sometimes hopeless and often lonely.

That is why it is so important to reach out to friends and family.  To share the experience and lean on them for comfort.  To be the best advocates for our children, we have to be present.

Advocacy for our children was never so apparent to me as it is now.  Johannes’ fevers are not something that can be fixed, and the course of treatment is blurry and practically non existent.  I’ve created my own formula of vitamins, oils and minerals that seem to have worked.  But its not enough. The fever will come back.

We visited Sick Kids hospital this week and sought help from a specialist.  We now have a really important decision to make.  Do we throw a last ditch effort and schedule Johannes’ tonsilectomy, or do we keep doing what we are doing.  Neither option has guaranteed results, and both options have potential for scary consequences.  How do we make this decision?  How do I as a mother say “ok” to a surgery?  How do I weight the risks against the benefits and come out feeling satisfied in my decision?  For this last part I don’t have an answer.  I hope and pray that in the next little while I will have some clarity.  The weight of this decision is heavy at times so I’m trying my very very best to focus on the positive and keep enjoying the little things.

Rufus and Murdog

rufus-and-murdog rufus-and-murdog-lookbook rufus-and-murdog-leather-moccasins-mini-mocks-by-petra rufus-and-murdog-white-onesie rufus-and-murdog-knit-slippers rufus-and-murdog-line-items ollie-jones-tropical-headband rufus-and-murdog-best-online-shop-for-kids-canada

You guys!  If you follow me on Instagram then this is no secret but for the past four months my friend Nicole and I have been working on a secret project.  Meet Rufus and Murdog.  A shop named after our own kids’ favorite stuffed dogs, and completely inspired by them.

Nicole and I have known one another since highschool.  We have four boys between the two of us, all under the age of 4!!!  Johannes and Benjamin (her eldest) are the best of buds.  All four of our children inspired us to create this little shop of ours, with Ben and Johannes leading the way.

The shop is a labour of love, literally.  We have big big plans for it, for our products and for our customers.  For now we primarily focus on unique collaborations, premium indie brands and things made in the great white North. If you don’t find these items in our own homes, then you won’t find them in our shop. That’s a promise.  But we also have a few exclusive pieces like our R+M hoodies, shopping bags and hand knit slippers (my grandma actually makes these…no joke).

The shop officially launches on April 1, but in the meantime you guys can follow us here and enter our launch giveaway on our shop Instagram (post at noon EST)!!  For an extra entry you can also leave a comment below as well. The winner will be announced next Tuesday, the day before we go live!


Snowboard Camp

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Life got busy this year.  We had plans to put Johannes in snowboard lessons for the season, because he LOVED snowboarding so very much last year.  But then we didn’t, and I felt guilty.  So what better way to make up for an entire missed season of snowboarding, but to jam pack it into a March Break camp.

Johannes loved snowboarding, of course.  He has no fear, much like all four year olds, he loves speed and falling is only a minor inconvenience at best.

What I didn’t realize was just how much I would enjoy his snowboard camp. We would drop off Magnus with my grandmother and drive along to the ski hill singing and chatting about anything that came to mind. We had quality uninterrupted time together and it was really wonderful.  I can’t be in every place at the same time and for the majority of Johannes’ hockey season he only went with Michael and my dad.  I missed so many of his milestones, so being able to see him snowboard and progress in his learning was one of the best moments of the year for me.

It also made me realize that I should also learn how to snowboard.  Or else I may be left behind when the boys head out on the slopes.  So for next season its decided, Johannes will have lessons and so will I.  We will do them together, though I’m almost certain that he will be light years ahead of me in a very short period of time.

Did anyone else learn how to ski or snowboard when they were older?  I would love some tips!

motherhood: worry

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motherhood can sometimes be riddled with worrying of every sort. worrying for this, that and the other thing.  food, bed times, routine, stimulation, are they overdressed, are they underdressed and round and round the worry train goes.  at times its as though we can’t just let go of the worrying and just enjoy the moment for what it is.  this is especially true of myself.  my confidence in my abilities as a mother are grossly overshadowed by worry and doubt at times.

why do we do this?  genetics?  environmental factors?  do they all contribute?

i wasn’t always like this.  maybe my mission for tomorrow will be to enjoy the moments for what they are and let go of the worry.

happy march break all you mamas out there in mid vacation!

The Best Blocks for Baby + A Giveaway

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I forgot about this stage of babyhood. The one where they learn to sit upright and explore things around them.  I forgot how curious six month old babies get and how they want to constantly be looking, searching, inspecting objects.  I must have forgotten because overnight Magnus his this stage.

I used to leave Magnus in a lounger while I got myself and Johannes ready for work and school.  Or leave him in his crib for a few minutes to get dressed.  In the last week Magnus figured out how to sit up and now he wants action.

One of Magnus’ favourite toys are Baby’s First Blocks by Fisher Price.  They come in fun colors that he loves, and the lid comes on and off easily.  Because the blocks are big and easy to hold he can’t get enough of them and I feel really safe letting him play with them unsupervised for a few minutes.  When Magnus is done dumping out the bucket, he uses the blocks as chew toys and  keeps himself amused for a good chunk of time before he decides he wants me to join in the fun.  Often this is just long enough for me to help Johannes brush his teeth or for me to put on something other than yoga pants for the office.

Since we love our blocks so much I thought you guys might too.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below.  The giveaway ends on March 22.

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The Best Children’s Basics

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I don’t know why its so hard but finding good basic clothes for children, that are both well fitting and great quality, is super super hard.  When Magnus was born I was introduced to Wheat Canada.  A Scandinavian children’s line that is now available to Canadians as well.  Their pieces are so soft and well made.  The company pays particular attention to detail and the quality is unmistakable.  I just wish it was warm enough for Magnus to rock his stripey Tshirt outside more!

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Wheat also does something really clever, they occasionally have “mystery bundle” sales, where you leave your child’s sizing and the team sends you a little mystery pack in the mail of their own choosing.  Magnus and Johannes both got theeeee B E S T bundles don’t you think?!  How awesome are they?

**This post is sponsored by Wheat Canada. Simple Danish designed clothing for babies and children. Wheat clothing combines comfort with beautiful Scandinavian design. You can find Wheat products at wheatcanada.com. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.**